Friday, January 30, 2015


2015-01-30                                                                                          INRI

I am calling to you to empty your hearts of all worldly concerns and to make room for My Spirit.

Finding time to rest in Me and to listen as I allow the pressures and worries of these times to fade into oblivion.

It is in these quiet times that I will make clear those decisions that you are wanting to discern for they are being made for love of Me, but for now are dividing mind and heart.

Your confident trust in Me must be seen by all who are looking to you, who are being fed in word and action as they draw near in search for Truth.

What is of utmost importance at this time, will be the disposition of your heart in me, I am healing physical and psychological needs that have wounded some of the ones in formation.

Past hurts must be given to Me to also be healed, otherwise they may hinder the progress of what I am about to perform in each of your lives.

Reject the desire to go ahead of My actual work that I am performing in perfecting and strengthening of  love and the fire of the renewal in your hearts.

Do not be disappointed when you do not feel what you expected, or that you do not see the progress, only believe that My work in you is ongoing and that My love for you will never fail.

Here is an opportunity for you to show Me that your trust and belief are certain and sure, that you know that I am personally instructing each of you in the school of My love, listen carefully to the Spirit.

Be open to the inspiration without doubt as I lead you to love the one who has been troubling you, I will lead you to love with My love for he also is in need of My Mercy, I will use you, be docile in My hands.

I have a plan and when implemented will bring fulfillment for each of you in what needs to happen without your having arranged anything.

I have the power to change desires and to heal hurts that are hidden and festering and must be resolved that I be given control once again in each life over things that now control you.

Many agents have been active in the lives of My children, whose hearts were once Mine, now I will regain the lost and once again be the love of their lives.

I am concerned with everything in your lives even the things you may think are not so important, yet as you feel sadness I also feel it, I become lonely, I look for your love for Me also.

Visit Me often in the Tabernacle where I am often left alone, I have many graces that you are in need of and there in our precious time together I will reveal My heart to you.

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