Thursday, February 5, 2015


2015-02-05                                                                                INRI

Your heart is My domain and you may not be aware of it's wounded and broken properties that I wish at this time to heal.

How are you to care for others in this condition, as unaware as you are, you proceed to try to love but are finding indifference for their needs and a lack of compassion that I desire you to have.

So many of the cares of the world have taken over your heart, but today if you will allow Me, I will heal your heart that I created for love.

I will change your tepid love to a warmth worthy of being the one I desire to dwell in, capable of emitting My love to even those who do not love you.

You will even be able to care for those who persecute you, following in My footsteps, because it is I Myself who will be loving through you.

Choose in this day a special virtue that you would like to have, but first consult My Holy Spirit, He has a plan for your life and wishes to perfect all that is in your life.

You will have a new heart, until you exercise love you will not be aware of it, it will be courageous and tender, one that will seek to rely solely on it's maker.

With a reverence of heart, totally immersed in Me, it will melt hearts that are indifferent and cold to Me  even as they receive Me in the Holy Eucharist, where I give Myself completely to them, you will at that time appease Me.

You have come to Me with a heart desperately seeking to love as I have commanded but you have not until now been able to love because of your brokenness.

I am the healer for your broken hearts, receive your healing in faith without doubt know that I have desired to give you this all for My glory.

Your hearts have needed depth, many being unaware of anything being wrong, have gone on without acquiring what was needed in their lives, but because of My great love for you, I have awakened the need in you.

Do not limit Me with unbelief, only believe for many are coming to Me with hearts that are not prepared to give Me the total surrender needed for the transformation.

Free of self-ambitions and courageous to allow what has been long planned for your life you come to Me and I bless you abundantly, granting you more than you ask, for the love that I bear you is an infinite and secure gift.

Give to Me your gratitude always and we will live contentedly together you and I, do not fear the coming events in your life for they will be adventures that will fulfill you.

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