Thursday, February 12, 2015


2015-02-12                                                        INRI

Seek out in Scripture My promises to you, there you will find the strength needed for whatever it is that you labor or are heavily burdened with.

Indeed it will be a supernatural strength as you allow My Sacred Word to grow in you, as you seek to renew your energy and equip your mind with what I have given for your Salvation.

You will be energized supernaturally for My Word is alive and active in you, believe and mediate on these promises, that are not meant only for the people of the past but for you today.

New life for your bodies for they will be renewed, they are temples of the Holy Spirit, and in Wisdom you will care for them with healthy eating and activities to strengthen you for My use.

I am blessing those who are carrying heavy crosses of pain and suffering, they will share My yoke and together with them I will make their burden light.

I desire you to have happiness and joy during your pilgrimage on earth, for the gift of the Holy Spirit will be a joy that will remain constantly with you as you sojourn.

You are to avoid negative thoughts of doubt and despair, do not at any time complain, for at any given time, it was I Who have allowed everything in your life, be confident and trust in My great love for you.

Guard your minds at all times, for this is very important in making progress in the life you desire, be at peace for the devil fishes in troubled waters of doubt and despair.

There will be many pitfalls in your path, but you can easily avoid every one of them, by keeping your eyes and mind firmly placed in My Word, which will lead you to praise, worship and thanksgiving.

Your life is supernaturally energized by My promises, they are already planted in you, but now make them your own, each of you eat and devour My Word, savor them as a meal to a hungry beggar.

In these end times the world is lost in fear and doubt, a foreboding is clouding their thoughts constantly, but you must reject these inclinations and have complete trust in the God Who loves you infinitely and cares to count even the hairs of your head.

Lift high your faces for I am coming and you must look up to see Me, have I not promised you to turn all things to the good for those who believed in Me?

My Scripture will be your sword for your defense, I will bring to mind what you will say, study and remember the Word, you will stand on it and comply.

You will be few in number, but this should not cause you concern for I will be with you, I am your strength, there is nothing to fear, for you to fear would dishonor Me and cause you to be greatly disabled, I am leading you, be docile in My Hands.

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