Thursday, May 23, 2013



My plans for you are wonderfully filled with joy and love, patience and peace, I am the Son of God Who loves you unceasingly.

Those who have chosen to live by the ways of the World, live against the laws of God, for they glorify possessions and wealth, lies and selfishness, hatred, prejudice and deception.
And so if you love Me and follow Me, they will hate you and persecute you, believing that they do a
good thing for God and Society.

But their thinking and rationalizing is corrupted, thereby being farthest from My Truth that they profess.

You are My chosen ones, living in Me and I in you, My Holy Spirit will inspire you to ask for help in the battle being waged against you.
Alone, you are not capable of the fight without My grace, your human response is not what I desire of you, in order that My Will be accomplished accept the help I want to provide.

The Evil One will seek you out and find you when everything seems serene and going well, in your
docility you are vulnerable and easy prey.

But your Blessed Mother and l are near always anticipating your call for help, bringing you a sure victory.

We bring you a Wisdom greater than the Wisdom of the World and all its diabolical strategies.

You believe in Me and live in Me as I give you life through frequent reception of Holy Eucharist, thus you have placed all your Faith and Hope in the One you have not yet seen.
But because you have believed without seeing, you are greatly blessed and will appreciate all that l have done for you, only in eternity, trust Me now for I am worthy of your greatest confidence.
I want you to persevere in your prayers, praying increasingly for the freeing and healing of those whom the Devil has imprisoned, in bondages and addictions, which have ruined families.
These people are in the darkness, not even the murder of their unborn children has caused them to
desire to change their lifestyle or to a conversion of heart and repentance.

Little by little, you will make progress in winning for the Kingdom some new Souls, rescued from the Devil's clutches.
You cannot imagine the victorious shouts heard in the Heavens at such a time as these.

Do not ever despair or feel that you have let Me down at any time, when I am there for you to repent.

I will return you to your former joy even greater than you had, for here and now you begin your
Purgatory and continue beyond until such time as you are purified, joining Me and all your loved ones.


Thursday, May 16, 2013



So many things are vying for your attention these days, but be at peace, live in My love, I have given you the gift of the One I love, My Mother, to enlighten each and every one of you.

To search for Me, to know Me, to receive Me, all of these things are what should occupy your life.

In finding Me you seek further to love and serve Me, doing My Will, what is there of greater priority?

Not everyone will have this enlightened goal in their hearts, and you must not judge them, for it is their Master who will judge them and you.

May your life, all your actions and words inspire a change of life in others, who will view the simplicity and joy of a selfless life in you.

For indeed nothing passes My sight and what is to be accomplished by those I have chosen to lead the
weak ones in My fold.

Do not fear to have confidence in the Truth you proclaim, speak it in love and all boldness, for I bless you with power to bring conviction and conversion to Souls.

When you are an example of submission to authority, or when you show preference to another, lettingthem have the better seat, allowing favour to the other, I make you happy, humility honours Me.

Bring glory to God by overcoming the desire to be acknowledged for work done well, even when you are blamed for something gone wrong, peace will reign in your hearts because of submission to Me.

Have compassion for those in trial and affliction but be mindful that it is necessary in life and in nature to have storms, it is then that I am most sought out in prayer.

Thus self-concerns are abated for awhile and I answer the needs of those in prayer, and I always, always give.
Yes, you are wretched creatures but My love for you is unquenchable, chosen to be Mine for all eternity, I do everything you ask according to My Will.
Indeed I could accomplish much more in your lives, but for your requests, and pleas I am hindered in My plans, for I will not interfere with your freedom which causes Me to divert or delay events.

I have given you My glory, that you may live in Me, My glory is the Eucharist, My very nature and self dwelling in you, as you do as I command.

Do you not sense this love, why do you doubt My words to you, I desire to live in your heart that was
created for Me, yes I am the Lord of Lords, who frees you from the burden of your sins.


Thursday, May 2, 2013



During these End Times, many are wondering what is going to happen, how long will it last, what am I to do and what about my loved ones, and so many other questions.

There is much anxiety even among those whom I have chosen, who are needlessly worrying about things which they will have no control over anyway.

What you should turn your attention to at this time, is your concern or lack of concern for those who are in need of Salvation.
You are the people of the New Covenant being commissioned and sent into a world that is ever
increasing in hostility and hatred for one another.

Peace ......peace My Children, exhibit love for each other as you gather, allowing Me to give you the ability to overcome injustice even in your vicinity, the little ones are imitating what they see.

You may not even be aware of a slight prejudice or indifference among you, for someone who is in some way different from yourselves.

Search your hearts, for I am wanting to promote among those closest to Me, a flow of kindly and gracious giving of self-service.

Use this quote often ’’I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me" until it becomes a reality for you to do all that I am asking of you.
Do you still have attachments for the things of this world, they will only weigh you down, let go of
something in that category today?

I want to lift you up, where your only burden will be to receive from Me your marching orders for today.

You are aware that I am within you, so close that I am in your heartbeat, listen quietly for the sigh of
joyful surrender, and follow what I have done for you.

I have given Myself for you, and I continue to do so at every Mass, I make Myself available always.

I will occasionally challenge you with a request, that will take you out of your comfort zone, but it will constantly be accompanied by Grace.

Grace is always growth, you can choose not to accept it, but if you will trust Me, and proceed prayerfully.

I will hold you by the hand, all the way home, for your home is with Me.