Thursday, May 16, 2013



So many things are vying for your attention these days, but be at peace, live in My love, I have given you the gift of the One I love, My Mother, to enlighten each and every one of you.

To search for Me, to know Me, to receive Me, all of these things are what should occupy your life.

In finding Me you seek further to love and serve Me, doing My Will, what is there of greater priority?

Not everyone will have this enlightened goal in their hearts, and you must not judge them, for it is their Master who will judge them and you.

May your life, all your actions and words inspire a change of life in others, who will view the simplicity and joy of a selfless life in you.

For indeed nothing passes My sight and what is to be accomplished by those I have chosen to lead the
weak ones in My fold.

Do not fear to have confidence in the Truth you proclaim, speak it in love and all boldness, for I bless you with power to bring conviction and conversion to Souls.

When you are an example of submission to authority, or when you show preference to another, lettingthem have the better seat, allowing favour to the other, I make you happy, humility honours Me.

Bring glory to God by overcoming the desire to be acknowledged for work done well, even when you are blamed for something gone wrong, peace will reign in your hearts because of submission to Me.

Have compassion for those in trial and affliction but be mindful that it is necessary in life and in nature to have storms, it is then that I am most sought out in prayer.

Thus self-concerns are abated for awhile and I answer the needs of those in prayer, and I always, always give.
Yes, you are wretched creatures but My love for you is unquenchable, chosen to be Mine for all eternity, I do everything you ask according to My Will.
Indeed I could accomplish much more in your lives, but for your requests, and pleas I am hindered in My plans, for I will not interfere with your freedom which causes Me to divert or delay events.

I have given you My glory, that you may live in Me, My glory is the Eucharist, My very nature and self dwelling in you, as you do as I command.

Do you not sense this love, why do you doubt My words to you, I desire to live in your heart that was
created for Me, yes I am the Lord of Lords, who frees you from the burden of your sins.


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