Friday, January 28, 2011


Upon your altars I come placing Myself into your hands, Vulnerable and trusting making
Myself bread for food, food for your soul. 
I came so that you may have life to the fullest.
Have you noticed how Satan would have you do nothing in the Church, how he persists
in impressing you with thoughts that keep you afraid of so many things imagined and
It is a bondage of fear which I came to earth to abolish and set My people free.

I desire that you hear the Word and believe what you hear is the truth that sets you free.

Ask that you may receive this freedom, it is life changing and joy in My making.

Mostly I desire a relationship with you that I do not at this present time possess.

Surrender to Me in all humility, telling Me with all sincerity that you cannot and
acknowledge that I can and Will all that is good for you.

My child let go of the control of your life into My hands.

Do you notice that I always show you the way before I ask you to go in the same way?

What I experienced on earth, I accepted to suffer to lead the direction of self denial.

Never will you go it alone or proceed without My very presence.

You do not see Me but oh! I am very near.

My breath on you is My Spirit, gentle and loving yet powerful against the enemy, enabling you the greatest success against defeat in situations formed against you.

Trust My every Word, only then by beginning to trust will you be able to follow without
question My command in times of crisis when your response allows for no delay.

Surrender to Me all your cares and fears so that I may set you free.

Are you willing to trust Me this way? Will you continue to trust what you can see and
touch and control in your life or will you give to Me your willing spirit?

Quiet yourself and allow Me to bless you with the knowledge to know without a doubt
that I chose you and that it was not you who chose Me. It was not your idea but Mine!

I have only begun to fashion you into the person I created you to be, do not settle for a
life that is not yet complete, a life beyond what you have yet to imagine even for

When they saw My dead body many saw what they considered a failure but the devil
knew he had been defeated. It is the dying to self, your complete surrender that allows
Me to have control and not you for the success to accomplish what you were meant to be.

My child, you must be willing to trust in your unseen God who loves you and cares for
you, who desires every good and freedom to possess you not bondage of any kind of fear.

Allow Me to refashion you today, My Word is a healing balm for all who will come to
Me seeking to be free, seeking any and all need I will, I patiently await you today.


Friday, January 21, 2011



Thinking yourself insignificant is not from Me. You are being formed and strengthened
daily and indeed even as you are today being used for My purpose.

Let not thoughts that cause your peace to be diminished into anxiety and feeling of
unworthiness be entertained by you.

Dismiss them with words of Praise for the many blessings I have ultimately given to you
for your transformation and that of others.

Adore My greatness for I am Creator of all things, Awesome in My humanity as I
humbly acknowledge My Father’s Will and sacrifice for your salvation.

The smallest snowflake may become an avalanche, a drop of water a great ocean, a little
child may become a great saint all at My hands in My forming them.

These writings to you may be as writing written in the sand at the sea shore, washed away
within a short time or may be the very instrument I use to recreate a life yet not

Who is to say that the one you wish to ignore, the one who bores you and whom you wish
would just go away, is not the one of My choosing to win for you a grace spectacular.

The Saving Grace of simply doing what I command “love your neighbor as I have loved
you” somehow reaches a joy you had not anticipated.

I am the Lord of a second in time as well as Lord of the Centuries, nothing will be
impossible for Me and so I desire that you not only Fear Me but have great confidence in

I have chiseled for you on pure White stone a new name into which I am presently fitting
you, a character trait which I have chosen for you which resembles Me as holiness
 permits in its making.

This will be as clothing upon My elected worn humbly in the realm of the vaults of

My child for now, walk with Me as one who knows his Father can do all things and loves
everyone. Do not hesitate in good works when inspired or asked to do so.

Yes, you may be insignificant to a world’s standards but the truth and the end are not yet.

Remember My Mother’s words “My Soul magnifies the Lord, and My Spirit rejoices in
 God My.Savior” then looking through these lenses see your world through Her
perspectives. Stay close to Mother Mary, she was My first instrument in your salvation
and that of the whole world.

Again I say you must not judge those who are small by earthly standards, it is Mine to
judge ‘alone, and your views are distorted by sin and cause many to falter.

Remain small yourselves and allow Me to make of you greatness from the mistakes and
sufferings endured throughout a life formed for Me by Me.


Thursday, January 13, 2011


Why do you resist what I desire to do through you for I have empowered and gifted you
to serve others in this world where many are hurting?

Bless one another with My Fatherly Blessing in order that they be affirmed for many, so
many are not aware of My love for them.

They are not accepting that I delight in them and you must relate to My loved ones the
joy and My desire to grace them in the asking of every need.

You are to ask Me to remove everything that is obstructing you, every fear that keeps you
from approaching your suffering neighbor, even strangers to whom I will send you.

Let not the thoughts that are now bombarding your mind frighten and paralyze you for 1
commission you to be strong in the faith and in the trust that I am sending you into a field
of battle.

Souls are at stake and I desire to rescue them through your cooperation in allowing the
Holy Spirit’s Oil be poured on you now in this time of great need.

If you say yes to Me I will remove from you every obstacle that keeps you from praying
for your brothers and sisters, your fellow citizens destined for eternity.

Be for Me the instrument I use to love and bless humanity as with each one I Myself will
urge you or send you directly to go to this one or that one.

You will see My purpose accomplished and some you must in faith believe patiently
knowing My Will has been done.

Peace pours into your being with your compliance with what I will show or indicate is
I that person’s need and many will have been prepared before your praying over them.

It is no longer an option for you to remain on the side lines of life when the ones hungry
for direction and healing are aimlessly searching and wandering.

Cults and false religions are all too ready to accommodate the lost and weary ones.

Come now and allow Me to heal you with My Fatherly Blessing in order to affirm you,
My child that you may be whole.

How can you give love if you have not experienced it yourself?

Come and be anointed for the task at hand, I love you with an eternal love beyond your
understanding, but I came to be born of earth that you may be born of Heaven.

Come into a Father’s loving arms and feel secure.  All of you have need of this nurturing.  I
will heal you in your individual personal differences.

It’s time, the putting off which caused you to delay; what is your mission exclusively
has come to the point of necessity.

I am empowering you to proceed with all diligence.

Listen to My voice carefully, prayerfully ask Me to send to you any and all today who
are in need of My help through your intervention, your ministry and I will love.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

“Those Who Hope in Yahweh Shall Renew Their Strength” Isa. 40:31


Take courage My people for I am with you.

Those who plot evil against you will not prosper.

I have seen their idleness and self indulgences when work in abundance was required of them.
They would have not part of it and turned away to occupy themselves selfishly.

But you have put your ear to My Heart, that My least command might be adhered to.

This pleases Me that I may use you at My Will.

It is My joy to accompany you in your daily activities, that you find beauty in Creation and give thanks.

As you put your trust in the works that I do your strength is renewed for more grace in your mission.

When harvest time comes, there is a sense of dying in nature as the gathering of crops clears the fields.

The Church also is about to go through change which for fulfillment of the plan for Salvation gathers in the faithful and empowers a renewal to begin.

Many are being used in the world even at this time, while most of the world sleeps unconcerned for their life in eternity.

Remain in a state of Grace in order that you may not be overcome with fear and that you not receive false doctrine.

You are My people whom I am pruning, and taking captive every sin that lodges within your being.

I increase compassion in you and cause to a greater depth and strength care for your fellowman.

Believe in Yahweh as of old, for I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

My Love for you cannot increase for I have Loved you fully from all time.

It is your love for Me that must increase.


Thursday, January 6, 2011



My little remnant who are indeed scattered about the world, I Myself will gather and
unite you into a mighty force.
For now remain faithful to the Shepherd I provide to prepare souls for victorious combat
of the enemy who even now prowls waiting to catch those who stray from the larger

You must remain united for the greater cause the glory of the Father who is Love.

Each of you must carry the burdens of his brother and your families who have yet to
make their decision for Me.

The world and all its cares have withheld from Me a multitude of souls who have
carelessly back-slidden into perdition.

But you My faithful ones continue to receive from the Father’s hand graces and blessings
to build up what might otherwise be lost.

Continue with the helps of frequent participation of the Sacraments, daily attendance at
Mass with Confession and fervent reception of the Holy Eucharist.

I celebrate with you the victory over habitual sin and inspire you with avoidance of all
occasions of sin for your sanctification.

It was I who enabled you to be drawn to the Marian devotions and Cenacles which are
vital to your growth in holiness.

Continue with quiet meditation on the Passion and listening during Adoration before the Blessed 
Sacrament which I greatly bless because of your desire to be with Me alone.

Many souls are fortified because of your coming in this way to Adore and pray.

I encourage you to depend and trust on the love that I have for each of you in order that
you may serve others from the love you receive from Me.

Strive constantly to a greater holiness otherwise you run the risk of being on a slippery
slope downward, doing nothing in this regard is dangerous to the health of your soul.

Of great concern are the young who have no role models as Saints of the Church upon
which to form Godly lives.

Do not think for one minute that what you think or say and do is insignificant especially in these times.

I assure you that your prayers are heard and make a vital difference regarding the
undoing of Satan’s work in the world and the saving of souls.

I am forming you and strengthening My little remnant army with the help of Angelic
forces under the Heavens.

You are all I will need provided you allow Me access to what is most important to you
your life, your free will, your hearts desire, may it be to will My will.