Sunday, January 9, 2011

“Those Who Hope in Yahweh Shall Renew Their Strength” Isa. 40:31


Take courage My people for I am with you.

Those who plot evil against you will not prosper.

I have seen their idleness and self indulgences when work in abundance was required of them.
They would have not part of it and turned away to occupy themselves selfishly.

But you have put your ear to My Heart, that My least command might be adhered to.

This pleases Me that I may use you at My Will.

It is My joy to accompany you in your daily activities, that you find beauty in Creation and give thanks.

As you put your trust in the works that I do your strength is renewed for more grace in your mission.

When harvest time comes, there is a sense of dying in nature as the gathering of crops clears the fields.

The Church also is about to go through change which for fulfillment of the plan for Salvation gathers in the faithful and empowers a renewal to begin.

Many are being used in the world even at this time, while most of the world sleeps unconcerned for their life in eternity.

Remain in a state of Grace in order that you may not be overcome with fear and that you not receive false doctrine.

You are My people whom I am pruning, and taking captive every sin that lodges within your being.

I increase compassion in you and cause to a greater depth and strength care for your fellowman.

Believe in Yahweh as of old, for I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

My Love for you cannot increase for I have Loved you fully from all time.

It is your love for Me that must increase.


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