Friday, January 21, 2011



Thinking yourself insignificant is not from Me. You are being formed and strengthened
daily and indeed even as you are today being used for My purpose.

Let not thoughts that cause your peace to be diminished into anxiety and feeling of
unworthiness be entertained by you.

Dismiss them with words of Praise for the many blessings I have ultimately given to you
for your transformation and that of others.

Adore My greatness for I am Creator of all things, Awesome in My humanity as I
humbly acknowledge My Father’s Will and sacrifice for your salvation.

The smallest snowflake may become an avalanche, a drop of water a great ocean, a little
child may become a great saint all at My hands in My forming them.

These writings to you may be as writing written in the sand at the sea shore, washed away
within a short time or may be the very instrument I use to recreate a life yet not

Who is to say that the one you wish to ignore, the one who bores you and whom you wish
would just go away, is not the one of My choosing to win for you a grace spectacular.

The Saving Grace of simply doing what I command “love your neighbor as I have loved
you” somehow reaches a joy you had not anticipated.

I am the Lord of a second in time as well as Lord of the Centuries, nothing will be
impossible for Me and so I desire that you not only Fear Me but have great confidence in

I have chiseled for you on pure White stone a new name into which I am presently fitting
you, a character trait which I have chosen for you which resembles Me as holiness
 permits in its making.

This will be as clothing upon My elected worn humbly in the realm of the vaults of

My child for now, walk with Me as one who knows his Father can do all things and loves
everyone. Do not hesitate in good works when inspired or asked to do so.

Yes, you may be insignificant to a world’s standards but the truth and the end are not yet.

Remember My Mother’s words “My Soul magnifies the Lord, and My Spirit rejoices in
 God My.Savior” then looking through these lenses see your world through Her
perspectives. Stay close to Mother Mary, she was My first instrument in your salvation
and that of the whole world.

Again I say you must not judge those who are small by earthly standards, it is Mine to
judge ‘alone, and your views are distorted by sin and cause many to falter.

Remain small yourselves and allow Me to make of you greatness from the mistakes and
sufferings endured throughout a life formed for Me by Me.


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