Thursday, January 6, 2011



My little remnant who are indeed scattered about the world, I Myself will gather and
unite you into a mighty force.
For now remain faithful to the Shepherd I provide to prepare souls for victorious combat
of the enemy who even now prowls waiting to catch those who stray from the larger

You must remain united for the greater cause the glory of the Father who is Love.

Each of you must carry the burdens of his brother and your families who have yet to
make their decision for Me.

The world and all its cares have withheld from Me a multitude of souls who have
carelessly back-slidden into perdition.

But you My faithful ones continue to receive from the Father’s hand graces and blessings
to build up what might otherwise be lost.

Continue with the helps of frequent participation of the Sacraments, daily attendance at
Mass with Confession and fervent reception of the Holy Eucharist.

I celebrate with you the victory over habitual sin and inspire you with avoidance of all
occasions of sin for your sanctification.

It was I who enabled you to be drawn to the Marian devotions and Cenacles which are
vital to your growth in holiness.

Continue with quiet meditation on the Passion and listening during Adoration before the Blessed 
Sacrament which I greatly bless because of your desire to be with Me alone.

Many souls are fortified because of your coming in this way to Adore and pray.

I encourage you to depend and trust on the love that I have for each of you in order that
you may serve others from the love you receive from Me.

Strive constantly to a greater holiness otherwise you run the risk of being on a slippery
slope downward, doing nothing in this regard is dangerous to the health of your soul.

Of great concern are the young who have no role models as Saints of the Church upon
which to form Godly lives.

Do not think for one minute that what you think or say and do is insignificant especially in these times.

I assure you that your prayers are heard and make a vital difference regarding the
undoing of Satan’s work in the world and the saving of souls.

I am forming you and strengthening My little remnant army with the help of Angelic
forces under the Heavens.

You are all I will need provided you allow Me access to what is most important to you
your life, your free will, your hearts desire, may it be to will My will.


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