Thursday, January 13, 2011


Why do you resist what I desire to do through you for I have empowered and gifted you
to serve others in this world where many are hurting?

Bless one another with My Fatherly Blessing in order that they be affirmed for many, so
many are not aware of My love for them.

They are not accepting that I delight in them and you must relate to My loved ones the
joy and My desire to grace them in the asking of every need.

You are to ask Me to remove everything that is obstructing you, every fear that keeps you
from approaching your suffering neighbor, even strangers to whom I will send you.

Let not the thoughts that are now bombarding your mind frighten and paralyze you for 1
commission you to be strong in the faith and in the trust that I am sending you into a field
of battle.

Souls are at stake and I desire to rescue them through your cooperation in allowing the
Holy Spirit’s Oil be poured on you now in this time of great need.

If you say yes to Me I will remove from you every obstacle that keeps you from praying
for your brothers and sisters, your fellow citizens destined for eternity.

Be for Me the instrument I use to love and bless humanity as with each one I Myself will
urge you or send you directly to go to this one or that one.

You will see My purpose accomplished and some you must in faith believe patiently
knowing My Will has been done.

Peace pours into your being with your compliance with what I will show or indicate is
I that person’s need and many will have been prepared before your praying over them.

It is no longer an option for you to remain on the side lines of life when the ones hungry
for direction and healing are aimlessly searching and wandering.

Cults and false religions are all too ready to accommodate the lost and weary ones.

Come now and allow Me to heal you with My Fatherly Blessing in order to affirm you,
My child that you may be whole.

How can you give love if you have not experienced it yourself?

Come and be anointed for the task at hand, I love you with an eternal love beyond your
understanding, but I came to be born of earth that you may be born of Heaven.

Come into a Father’s loving arms and feel secure.  All of you have need of this nurturing.  I
will heal you in your individual personal differences.

It’s time, the putting off which caused you to delay; what is your mission exclusively
has come to the point of necessity.

I am empowering you to proceed with all diligence.

Listen to My voice carefully, prayerfully ask Me to send to you any and all today who
are in need of My help through your intervention, your ministry and I will love.


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