Thursday, June 30, 2011


The times are perilous but I am watching over you individually and corporately.

You have come to believe what many have not, that Divinity unites with you in the

You have received a gift of faith not for your own purposes but for Mine.

Yes, even the thief upon the cross, so close to death came to believe and thus received his
eternal reward.

Will I not do everything in order that a greater number be saved even at the expense of
much suffering?

You cannot visibly see Me but the family gathered about you and others in whom
differences separate you indicate how close you are or are not to Me.

The very person you most dislike, distrust or feel abhorrence towards is the scale you
must use to weigh how much you love Me.

For if you do not love those you see, how can you love what you do not?
Take account now before these times overtake you lest you run out of time.

To allow you to go on without concern for the salvation of others wounds Me to the very
depths of My Heart.

You are asking how to change?

I desire that you not despair for love is to be found within you.

Cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s inspirations as He gives them, so soft and gentle.

More quiet time is required to contemplate the reality of this negligence and ignorance.

Approach My servants, those I have instructed to help you, I will lead you to find them,
be persistent in ‘your efforts.

Be mindful of the leading of My chosen Pope who guides the Church most skillfully.

Changes he will make will cause many to grumble but they must not be from among you.
You must be My faithful ones.

I am molding and shaping those who will form the new beginnings of the Church when
all has taken place accordingly.

Concern yourselves at present to a greater self-abandonment to My Will that you may be
used more fully.

What I am saying will be widely seen in the world’s unfolding events as you view
rampant chaos emerging, debts rising and life values eroding.

This is a time for you to rely on Me alone, seek My Voice, you will hear the calm
reassurance that you are Mine.

This is not a time for you to be anxious or dismayed regarding the present state of affairs
for all in My Flock are cared for without measure.


Friday, June 17, 2011


I wish to embrace your soul and lift it higher than it has ever been.

Then in the quiet refrain of the love you will have for Me because of it, you will be at
peace and desire to ask for nothing more.

Your neighbor will reap the benefits also from the showering of favors upon you.

A new tenderness, a new joy, compassion and understanding for others flows without
effort without undue anxiety.

Why would I bestow on you such a blessing and gift?

It is My love that compels such a bountiful generosity.

Those that would assail you leave quite deflated in their efforts to cause you harm.

All because you know you are loved by the Almighty and nothing else matters.

Even though My touch has been for only a moment, you feel as though time were

To serve Me is your only desire and compulsion.

In your elation, you are ready to excuse the worst of insults and accusations.

My love makes you love all things created by Me and a sense of security enfolds you.

Will you allow this heart of Mine to release to you its burden, its passion and capacity for

Only sin darkening your soul making it uninhabitable would dissuade Me.

Do not flee anywhere but to Me in the Sacrament of Forgiveness, I await you there.

I am eager to unite and entice you once again to join Me in the saving of souls.

My beloved child, you who do not deserve the least of My indulgences with you, come
be My solace.

Release Me to do in you what I desire , to lift you to the highest Heaven.

But alas, it remains in your will and freedom to accept or reject My very best for you.

My plans are so much greater than you could ever imagine but I am patient to allow you
your mistakes.

I welcome the opportunity to forgive and counsel, to encourage and further your holiness.

May those whom I am sending your way, glorify My Name because of what they see and
receive by means of you.

May they have a greater hope for themselves and their loved ones through My work in


Wednesday, June 8, 2011



My own Heart I have opened up and hand to you that you may enter in.
My Heart was pierced that you might have entrance and unite with Me.
My Heart like an ocean desires to consume your heart which is like a drop of water.
As the Father and I are One, you will seek to unite with Me, but ultimately it is I who will
accomplish this in the time that is best suited for My purposes and for My glory.
All of your questions will have been answered when this perfect unity is attained, all that
you will ask the Father in My Name, will be granted.
No longer will you be conscious of self but only of your God in all that you think, say
and do, consumed in My Love.
There will no longer be the question of whether to proceed in matters that would cause
you to suffer or to be commended for they will all be the same to you, all for Love.
For the glory and praise of your God, you have died to self and no longer live apart from
Forgetting that there was ever a separating of self from your Creator, you will rejoice in
everyone who praises Me.
You will lift up and fill the gap for any who neglect or are ignorant of the gratitude that
rightfully belongs to Me.
How I long for this union even now, come now, come receive what I have waiting for
you, shall you not know now the portion I have to give you.
My Heart is-open for you My beloved.
I am forming an immense army of souls that are requiring sacrifice and prayers to be
made ready for the missions I have prepared for them to accomplish.
You My chosen ones who are to unite with Me are being called upon to intercede.
Unite with Me for on your own, even when you think you are united with Me are not
quite there yet, I will accomplish this soon as required.
Souls in need of conversion are being lost for lack of Love in this present world.
Enter into My Heart and become one with Me, allowing yourself to be consumed in My
great Love for all Humanity.
A sharing in My joy will be a sign of your growing in to perfection in this unity.
When you quiet yourself and envision this your nothingness, leap into the arms of My
Most Loving Heart and release your Soul to Me.
You are afloat on the ocean of My Heart, and I propel it wherever it is most needed.
Fuel for the journey is the Holy Eucharist, only this will allow you to do the Will of God.
In losing yourself, you gain reliance on Me and the freedom to be the person I created
you to be.
No longer does fear enter into your being for it is I whom they persecute, I whom they
hate and I whom they will come to perceive in you.
My Heart now beats in you, I am is in you.


Thursday, June 2, 2011



Come to Me in faith though you are not seeing yet believing.
I desire to heighten your awareness of My near presence.
It is a fact that I am here with you and promised never to leave you, but you are distracted
and often forget My closeness.
When your thoughts turn to Me, you perceive Me, but I have remained always with you.
Only in mortal sin will the Sanctifying Grace which would enable you to grow and
overcome vices, weaknesses and sin in general be lost.
The Holy Spirit is your teacher in all things, anointing you with the oil of sanctity.
Seek this union of God and man unto perfection.
When you are docile to the Holy Spirit, you develop a personal relationship with Me.
By allowing yourself to be acted upon by the Spirit, you receive more graces to surrender
your life for God and for His service to others.
Gently and lovingly He pours out and penetrates the very heart with desire for the perfection
of love.
Even the heart that is cold and of stone which resists the efforts of self to advance melts.
He entices by His song written for each one of you a melody personally and uniquely
Quiet your spirit to hear Him whispering as in a cool breeze upon your cheek, His love.
Oh Heaven upon earth when you enter deeply into a union with your God.
Suffering no longer holds any fear for the one who abandons self to trust, I allow for your
advancement .some trials for your purification.
The scent of fragrance signals the very presence of the Spirit in His Holy Sanctuary.
Deeply in prayer, focus and contemplate My face, drenched in sweat and Blood for you.
Those who seek to grow in this union achieve it, many fail to believe that this is possible.
Do not remain in thoughts of My being distant for the Spirit of Truth enlightens you,
listen, for it is a reality I want you to acknowledge.
You are seated in Me at the Father’s right hand and through My Name you have power.
I am pouring New Wine, My very Self, into new wine skins, that is you My people.
Prepare to act in My Name as you are instructed and inspired to do so.
Intercede for the lost ones and the many who are imprisoned by the Evil One through
addictions and dependencies.
I leave you with My Peace and with the sigh of the Spirit upon you, I bless you, Father,
Son and Holy Spirit.