Wednesday, June 28, 2017


2017-06-28                                                                                INRI

Is a person content who strives always for more health, money, beauty and power, you are able to rule over your hearts when you enjoy a balance between your heart’s desire and your circumstances.

Willingly feed your mind with thoughts of contentment, invoke the Holy Spirit and dwell on God’s blessings in your life, and do not dwell on your lack which will only personify the negative.

Some have despaired when in reality they were so blessed, yet they were blinded in the sin which they did not, with desire, try to overcome.

Withhold a remark that you might feel justified in issuing forth in complaint, holding your tongue will be My opportunity to bless you, and possibly I may touch a heart that now feels remorse.

Every time that you do not succumb to temptation, I allow grace to strengthen you in future circumstances, you are empowered for greater faith, having thus trusted in Me and not yourself.

All will suffer but I comfort you in your pain, fatigue, in your impatience to be made well, and all your needs, as you approach the Throne of Grace, abandon all into My Hands.

Do not fear being misunderstood when you proclaim My Name, for the Truth will be made known especially in the face of opposition, go ahead and pray boldly in My Name for the healing.

Fear only the fear of giving into the fear itself, keep your eyes on Me and on the end of your journey, which will unite you to Me, even now I am with you through every peak  and valley, every joy and pain.

Ask the Saints who have gone before you to assist in any and all the difficulties that arise within your days, knowing that they are eager to help in any way, especially invoke the Queen of Heaven.

Seek to have joy in the cross that ingratiates you to Me, here is where I truly enfold My Arms about you, will the Father not shower His Gifts on the one who honors the Son of God.

Do you accept your cross in order to unite with My Cross, I wanted always to accomplish the Mission given to Me by the Father, one that I readily accepted for love of you, your Salvation for eternity.

Enter into My loneliness, forgotten by many even as they receive Me in Eucharist, much is lacking in the heart of man, for I want to satisfy the longing within you, your heart is My Abode.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


2017-06-22                                                                    INRI                

Man does not live on bread alone but on every Word that comes from the mouth of God.

God’s blessing is true light in the mind’s darkness, do not quench the Spirit as He enlightens you in regards to sin and the potential threat of evil.

Acknowledge that the Holy Spirit is at work in the world today, His mission is to bring about a new evangelisation, you are His stewards, serving as He directs.

Be Spirit filled and Spirit led as those who seek will find, will I not answer the call for a greater  sanctity and a closer walk with Deity.

The Spirit is also working in other Christian Churches to transform into love all hearts that are seeking love for the church’s greater benefit of community.

You are to respect and seek to understand each other, as you see good acts performed in My Name, all Truth and goodness come from the Holy Spirit.

You are called to love and witness by your actions what it means to live in community, getting along with each other in brotherly love and concern for their needs.

Just as the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit or for example the Holy Family of Nazareth, all devoted to loving each other, you also must be community for you are all My Body on earth.

Understanding and respecting the dignity of others, allows everyone the ability to humble themselves, giving forgiveness at all times to each other in daily life, just as I have forgiven you.

Peace is established thus, in mind and heart, but in life there may come discord, I gift individuals to help you sort out difficulties.

In humility seek the help you need, do not be too proud, for after a fall-out with someone close to you, mutual forgiveness will draw you closer than before.

The wounded heart needs healing, through the Holy Spirit and to be washed in My Blood, the heart begins anew to fully believe and is penetrated by the Good News of living Kingdom ways.

Let all come to the foot of the Cross with unresolved bitterness, unforgiveness and unresolved quarrels, here you will find the answers that you seek, I have Wisdom that you need, come to Me.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


2017-06-14                                                                  INRI                        

I free you from all of your fears, take a step forward and believe, taste and see that I am fulfilling all My promises and that for all time I am faithful and trustworthy.

Do not be afraid to believe in all that I have told you, I am good and gentle and I am Love Himself.

I have told you many things and yet you want more instruction, I will give you more as you begin to implement what I have already given you, go forth in faith, I want to bless you.

Have you considered lately, the love that was displayed for each one of you, as I came into your humanity, I your Creator God knew how it would all end, which was as planned only the beginning.

I wanted you to unite with Me receiving My Divinity with your humanity, in order to empower you to love as I love, there is so much hatred and division among the people of earth, My creation.

Realize that I am in you, closer than you are to yourself, your freewill still intact, I am involved in all that you do, except sin.

As you experience sin within your life and repent, then can you compassionately forgive others who have offended you, I can use everything in your life to bring you to salvation and all your loved ones.

As My Mother Mary asked Me to remedy the lack of wine at the wedding feast at Cana, so will I remedy at Her request the lack of love in the world.

Love is coming to a neighborhood near you, pray, and pray more, nothing is more important in your day than to spend time with Me, I want to be with you, and especially that you place your head on My Heart, as the Apostle John did on the night of the Passover.

You have many distractions that take you away from Me, I want the best for you always, for only if you have been with Me will you be able to bring others the love they need.

When I am able to move you to see and do a good work for a soul in need, that is docility in action.

I will come again but your concern should be in the here and now, you gain many graces for eternity as if you were advancing to the next grade, Heaven has many mansions, many levels, in humility you will see that of yourself you do nothing.

I am real, I am powerful and want you to use My Name when I am called to heal, comfort and sustain the suffering soul, who has asked you for prayer, I may send you to one who has not yet believed in Me.

Only when you have had a personal experience with Me will your faith grow, have you been healed, have you had your eyes opened to a mystery of faith, have you not yet experienced a miracle, I will leave no stone unturned to reach you.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


2017-06-08                                                                                    INRI

I was put to death in the flesh and raised to life in the Spirit, die to self and be raised in the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the breath of all creation, He will allow you to see My Image in each of your brothers and sisters.

Pray and ask that I reveal the Face of God in the person before you, even a mental prayer lifting your desire to Me will suffice.

You My child are My Image before others and through your words and actions, you will bring out of others My Image in them, leaving them happier than before your encounter.

Therefore be ever so gentle with one another, for each one is in their own earthly battle that possibly no  one knows but God alone.

Often it is the very people you live with who are at a disadvantage to receiving the love you show generously to the poor and to strangers.

It is your greatest challenge but to which I attribute the greatest graces of which you must attain.

Each person fights his own demons as it were, his own battles of sickness, loneliness or fears that rivet the mind into inaction, or anger that results in further distancing himself from others.

When you stay aloof from others, you do not give them a chance to open up to you and share, so in the unknown is apprehensive fear that has taken the lead.

Thus, in the uncertainty of the encounter, and not being convinced that you even want to be involved in that person’s life, the thought of your own problems and busy life, you determine, no not now, maybe later, but not now.

You then wonder what will God ultimately ask of me, if I approach another in a caring fashion, will I be of any help or make things worse with my advice,  I am not yet whole myself, for I have fears and prejudices, hurts and more.

Have courage, there is a greater good to be had for the both of you, as you decide to go forward you will overcome these obstacles.

You are not doing anything on your own, in discernment or in the action you will take, in that very moment I give you the zeal, strength and courage even that of a martyr if need be.

If you will abandon yourself into My Hands for the sake of love, you will possibly make yourself vulnerable to being hurt, involving yourself in the needs of others and helping them carry their cross.

It may indeed cost you your life, you will die to self, surely you will see Me, I will be with the both of you, healing and making every situation remedied, you will accomplish much more than you even anticipated, go the distance. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017


2017-06-01                                                                  INRI

I walked the earth in confidence, knowing that My Father’s Will was being accomplished in all that I did, you are continuing the Father’s work through Me, do not fall back into fear for I am with you.

You have never accomplished anything good apart from Me, yes, you are weak and you do realize this, but the fact is, I want to do great things with you and through you.

I want to increase your faith in Me, the need is so great in the world, there is a need for all to believe in Me for salvation.

The most among you are taken up in the lies presented as truth, people want what they hear to be found true and fool themselves into believing and therefore confusion reigns.

Hedonistic and selfish undertakings fuel their days until they are no more, and they wonder where the time has gone with nothing being accomplished.

This will not be the case with you, I have plans for you and you will feel an uneasiness in this world, a feeling that there is more to life, that I am about to do something and that you want to be a part of it.

My Spirit longs to fill each of you with His Peace, then you will hear where to go, and what you are to do, you will be receiving your marching instructions and a plan of action.

Many times I have told you that I am with you, all My promises will be fulfilled, trust in each and every one of them, they were not made lightly and are for the success of your future lives.

You are My treasures, which are yet to be tried and tested, I am preparing you for victory, you will not fail, will you answer the call, this is a crucial time, decide now determined to answer “yes”.

Each of you will be given the opportunity to serve in one way or another, as I have prepared you for, I created you for what you will be required to perform in unity with others or alone as the mission requires.

Be conscious of the Kingdom of God being near, in the army of God you will serve courageously and without fear, for you are no longer a slave to sin.

I am the Son of God and you have received the spirit of adoption and so, are children of God and heirs with Me, heirs of Heaven.

What do you have to lose, for your life is not your own and you have everything to gain.

You and I are in a decisive battle against the enemy, the victory is already won, the victory is ours.