Thursday, June 1, 2017


2017-06-01                                                                  INRI

I walked the earth in confidence, knowing that My Father’s Will was being accomplished in all that I did, you are continuing the Father’s work through Me, do not fall back into fear for I am with you.

You have never accomplished anything good apart from Me, yes, you are weak and you do realize this, but the fact is, I want to do great things with you and through you.

I want to increase your faith in Me, the need is so great in the world, there is a need for all to believe in Me for salvation.

The most among you are taken up in the lies presented as truth, people want what they hear to be found true and fool themselves into believing and therefore confusion reigns.

Hedonistic and selfish undertakings fuel their days until they are no more, and they wonder where the time has gone with nothing being accomplished.

This will not be the case with you, I have plans for you and you will feel an uneasiness in this world, a feeling that there is more to life, that I am about to do something and that you want to be a part of it.

My Spirit longs to fill each of you with His Peace, then you will hear where to go, and what you are to do, you will be receiving your marching instructions and a plan of action.

Many times I have told you that I am with you, all My promises will be fulfilled, trust in each and every one of them, they were not made lightly and are for the success of your future lives.

You are My treasures, which are yet to be tried and tested, I am preparing you for victory, you will not fail, will you answer the call, this is a crucial time, decide now determined to answer “yes”.

Each of you will be given the opportunity to serve in one way or another, as I have prepared you for, I created you for what you will be required to perform in unity with others or alone as the mission requires.

Be conscious of the Kingdom of God being near, in the army of God you will serve courageously and without fear, for you are no longer a slave to sin.

I am the Son of God and you have received the spirit of adoption and so, are children of God and heirs with Me, heirs of Heaven.

What do you have to lose, for your life is not your own and you have everything to gain.

You and I are in a decisive battle against the enemy, the victory is already won, the victory is ours. 

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