Wednesday, June 28, 2017


2017-06-28                                                                                INRI

Is a person content who strives always for more health, money, beauty and power, you are able to rule over your hearts when you enjoy a balance between your heart’s desire and your circumstances.

Willingly feed your mind with thoughts of contentment, invoke the Holy Spirit and dwell on God’s blessings in your life, and do not dwell on your lack which will only personify the negative.

Some have despaired when in reality they were so blessed, yet they were blinded in the sin which they did not, with desire, try to overcome.

Withhold a remark that you might feel justified in issuing forth in complaint, holding your tongue will be My opportunity to bless you, and possibly I may touch a heart that now feels remorse.

Every time that you do not succumb to temptation, I allow grace to strengthen you in future circumstances, you are empowered for greater faith, having thus trusted in Me and not yourself.

All will suffer but I comfort you in your pain, fatigue, in your impatience to be made well, and all your needs, as you approach the Throne of Grace, abandon all into My Hands.

Do not fear being misunderstood when you proclaim My Name, for the Truth will be made known especially in the face of opposition, go ahead and pray boldly in My Name for the healing.

Fear only the fear of giving into the fear itself, keep your eyes on Me and on the end of your journey, which will unite you to Me, even now I am with you through every peak  and valley, every joy and pain.

Ask the Saints who have gone before you to assist in any and all the difficulties that arise within your days, knowing that they are eager to help in any way, especially invoke the Queen of Heaven.

Seek to have joy in the cross that ingratiates you to Me, here is where I truly enfold My Arms about you, will the Father not shower His Gifts on the one who honors the Son of God.

Do you accept your cross in order to unite with My Cross, I wanted always to accomplish the Mission given to Me by the Father, one that I readily accepted for love of you, your Salvation for eternity.

Enter into My loneliness, forgotten by many even as they receive Me in Eucharist, much is lacking in the heart of man, for I want to satisfy the longing within you, your heart is My Abode.

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