Friday, July 7, 2017


2017-07-07                                                                  INRI

How precious to Me are the children of God, who do not go the way of the world, but strive with all due diligence to follow the Gospel teachings.

They have a good sense of who they are in Me and do not dwell on past indiscretions, but give praise and gratitude as they recollect each evening on their day’s blessings.

The evil one tries to frequently and often is relentless to remind and badger them regarding past sins, but they invoke the Holy Spirit, Who will give them holy thoughts to encourage them in their efforts.

I skillfully make Myself known to each one through graces and daily encounters, benefits to each, which for the most part are taken as matter of fact, and as just a daily occurrence, a coincidence.

They have not recognized My visit to them personally, most in recollection will only recall their mistakes and not My Blessings to them.

I do accept your sorrow, but do not let yourself be stalled in doing further good works, because you are not yet perfected, I am still working in and through you, do not believe that you have sent Me away by your faults.

Keep in your memory the good things that you have accomplished, the Father’s Will is being done by you through Me, you will do even greater things if you keep this mindset.

Goodness begets goodness, I am Good and you are good, remain in Me and victory over temptations will be achieved.

The evil one makes the temptation and sin seem initially harmless, acceptable, and to seem insignificant, until it is accomplished, then he accuses you and burdens you with guilt, and because of your love for Me, he actually hates you.

There are sins which are not so obvious, hidden from one, especially one who does many good deeds, perhaps it is the sin of vanity, only in the light of the Holy Spirit can one discern.

Life will be a constant battle, in order that you keep from being swept away by the way of the world, the easy route in life must not be taken, take account of your day, first of the good and then the faults.

Ultimately be at peace, you are Mine always, I jealously guard you and will not allow anything to be to your detriment, I am coming back and am preparing you for this event even now.

Be of good cheer, for no sadness of countenance has ever attracted anyone to the faith, you are made in My Image, smile.

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