Thursday, July 13, 2017


2017-07-13                                                INRI

When you become aware that I have shown you favor or perhaps given you a token of My Love, these you will not soon forget but will remember for a lifetime.

It may be a friend that you’ve long forgotten, that suddenly gets in touch with you, this is My doing, I may have a plan with this in mind.

Or it may be something in nature that, surely you say, this is extraordinary, or I may perform for you a miracle, I care about pleasing you, I show My Love for you, even in ways that you may not comprehend.

You may enjoy hearing a special song or concerto that lifts your spirit, and all of a sudden, you unite with My joy, Heaven itself opens to you and it is easy to pray, it simply flows from your heart in appreciation.

And yet this is nothing compared to what I have planned for you who love Me, yes, you will dance in merriment when I have taken you home at last.

But today, while your life is on earth, there is trouble, persecutions, disagreements and there are believers who suffer every kind of problems and misfortunes.

Some seem to avoid hardships, some prosper with ill gotten gain, why does God allow this you may ask, when the good suffer and there is no end in sight.

The answers will not be known in this life, only do what has been allotted for you to do today, My Will  is the best for you, do not envy any other person, for I have designed each life accordingly.

Notice how suffering brings one to God, that I may heal you or enable you to cope with the hardships, it may be that I allow you to understand, as you never could before, the sufferings of another.

Trust in My Wisdom and love, which is beyond your understanding, only believe in the Love of God for His children, for when all goes well, you do not seek Me but are entertained by your possessions, what must I do to get your attention?

If you are serving Me and I am your God, and you have not made other things your god, then you will have the joy of belonging to the Body of Christ, the fulfillment of knowing your future destiny.

Have you ever wondered about the greatness of God and the relationship that exists between us, you and Me, I lovingly care for everything that pertains to you, each of your days are numbered, use them wisely.

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