Thursday, July 20, 2017


2017-07-20                                                      INRI

When you rest in the simplicity of spirit, you will have peace, like ripples in a pond My Word goes out to each person, whether they are receptive or not, all will have the opportunity to respond.

In peace, which is My gift to you through the Holy Spirit, you have tranquility of soul and serenity of conscience.

Order and not confusion pervades your life, continuous joy does not leave you, for by this you evangelize even more than words, always do your actions speak louder.

People notice this peace, that the world around you lacks, for by this grace-filled presence, does spiritual growth spread to the lives around you, again as ripples in a pond.

This gift of peace is very precious and maybe lost only when one offends God, yes, sadness invades your being at such a time, and you must flee immediately to My Divine Mercy.

Regain what was lost and grow even more resolved to sin no more, it is important that you forgive yourself, take the hand of the Virgin Mary, She will quickly lead you back into My embrace.

The evil one will not want you to regain your peace, be humble in sorrow, and he will leave you, as you pursue a life of perfection which I had planned all along, take refuge in Me.

I Myself will inspire you in the way you should go, for I am always with you, have a deep trust and confidence in Me as you pray, follow your best decision making, and I will not allow you to go too far from the path which I have marked out for you.

You will also be able to discern whether what you hear is from Me or not, by the peace you feel in your heart, as you put into action what I instruct, then you will know by the fruit that is produced.

Avoid doing anything that causes you to be anxious, confused or have bitterness towards others, always ask for the Holy Spirit to direct and motivate you to do good works.

Make this day a new beginning, may your prayer be a speaking from your heart, I long to have meaningful conversations with you regarding your family or friends who need My help.

Your heart is My domain and I am wanting to instil today, an insight just for you, that will make clear to you something that you’ve wondered about but have not yet asked Me.

There are many who do not pray, pray for them, pray for those who believe they have no need of Me or even those who do not believe I exist.

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