Friday, February 25, 2011



Why, My child have you let discouragement overtake you? Discouragement is never
from Me.
Punishment is not how I deal with you but only discipline in order to encourage and
strengthen you in your daily walk.
Come, meet with Me, you have the key to My Heart that will open when you pray.
I am not a mere acquaintance so you must come in humility, in proper respect to honor
and in thanksgiving.
But now child of My love come into My arms.
Give Me your fears and hurts and tell Me of your ways you have failed to love.
Praise Me for the good you have done in My Name.
Ask Me to reveal a better way of advancing in love of neighbor and how to be humble.
Have you found a Scripture passage especially helpful or meaningful to you, share it with
I desire a relationship with you that will empower you to have a conversion of heart.

Only then will your life proceed with success upon success in your efforts.

You are My Beloved in whom I am well pleased.

Do you believe I am speaking to you now?

When I hung upon the Cross I atoned for all your sin with My precious Blood poured out.

What more could I have done to show My great love for humanity, and for you?

Rid yourself of worldly things and desires for them and in My Mercy I will shower many
graces on you.

Some sins are not seen by the sinner as I see them.

For example some sins of the tongue.

Consider now the source as Scripture points “out of the heart the mouth speaks” and “it is
not what goes into the body (I pronounced all food clean) because it does not go into his
heart but through his stomach... ....It is what comes out of a man that makes him

Do you now see how you must pray first for the conversion of your heart?

Then your tongue having been transformed from within will speak Praise, thanksgiving
and encouragement to others.

It will not be by dire efforts that you will be made well in the disease of the heart but by
My grace.

Go forth now from our meeting and put into practice what pleases the Father, your new
life in Me for I live in the heart of those who love Me.

In doing His Will, your steps are blessed more than are the steps done in your own efforts
to do good.

Always seek to know the Divine Will in order to make good progress in everything.

Simply tell Me that you desire to do My Will in all sincerity arid I will bless you.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The young man was given a task by his father.

It was on a shelf far beyond his small stature.

To do the work involved reaching a shelf far above his head.

The job was beyond what he thought he was capable of but he was commissioned by his father and he wanted to at least try.
He could try several things by himself which he wanted to do.

A chair might topple over or a stack of books perhaps. maybe a ladder to help him reach.
All of these were rather inadequate and in danger of failure and embarrassment.

As frustration settled in he then thought “I have a big brother!”

He is loving, never too busy for me and never refuses to help me.

So I finally ask and the task was easily done.

I feel good and my big brother loves that I asked for his help.

The task on the shelf that I couldn’t reach was to love others as I should especially in
tough times.

I thought I could do it alone, I tried and failed so many times in so many ways.

Even when I did succeed it was never really what it could have been.

Would I go to my big brother quicker next time or again try it alone?

Humility is telling your big brother “I can’t do it will you help me?”

Will you lift me up so I can do what Father is asking me to do?

Pride is self-sufficiency in not admitting that my sinful nature keeps me from being the
loving person God meant for me to be.
Where and what is your unreachable shelf today, your present challenge?
What have you tried to accomplish on your own? 
Jesus waits for us to turn around; He is there.
As we begin to trust Him with the needs we now have, Faith grows.
Sometimes we see how high the shelf is and decide it is not worth the risk of failure.
We do the easy tasks where little effort is required but seldom venture upon the limb.
The Father’s Will for us is something simple yet much higher and attainable.
With the help of our brother Jesus, all things are possible.
That shelf is there everyday and the task of loving our neighbor as ourselves is ever the
Can we really afford to ignore it or make the effort without our brother Jesus helping?
The Father is not ignorant of our weaknesses but desires our efforts and our growth.
In Christ, His Son is our victory and our Salvation.

Friday, February 11, 2011



You are among the people I will bless.

Strive for perfection but remember it is ultimately My work in you.

Even if you fail in every way, continue persevering in your good efforts, I will bless.
There will be times that you will find Me elusive and hard to find. I am not responding.

Yet strangely it is the time that I am closest to you.

You will find Me guarding and strengthening you although suffering may be What I

Do not listen to the voice that invades your thoughts encouraging you to give up, to be

Instead praise, tell Me of your trust in My Wisdom and love for you.

Tell Me that you do not understand the things that are causing so much conflict in your

Quietly I will speak to your heart the comfort you seek.

At this time I may request you do something for another who is in need of your help.

This may surprise you because it disrupts your pity party as it distracts you from self.

But in obedience if you comply to My request I will bless you with Peace once again.

Prayer need not be taxing and routine for it is conversation with Me, enjoy as I do our
time together.

Make friends with the Saints and Angels that daily surround you.

I have given them special graces to be dispensed when you ask their intercession.

Your unselfish prayers for others pleases Me greatly and I grant favors in your asking.

You were created to be in community and it is there you will be most happy.

Even in the midst of disquiet it still seems right as in a family.

Again and constantly I will bless you with many graces for all who gather together.

Who among you is a captive in bondage at the hand of the evil one?

Come together for in this is your strength with Me as the power in My Name.

Many praying for the needs of the community, the Church and the World at large is a

The Mass is the greatest prayer of all.

I am there as physician, councilor, comforter, Confessor reconciling those far away.

Receive nourishment and answers that you will need to proceed in life without fear.

Come to Me ever as a little child that expects that “daddy” will always take care of it.

Whatever the need or hurt, whoever is harassing you be it human or invisible.

The demands of this world were not meant to be handled alone.

I provide for you and others, go in Peace.


Thursday, February 3, 2011



I am the Vine and you are the Branches.

The fruit you produce is from Me the source.

Be mindful of this fact that it is fruit produced from God through you.

Your fruit is any good work whether it be an encouraging word, work or smile done for
love’s sake.

Are there trees not bearing any, or bad fruit, having only beautiful green leaves, well
groomed and shiny?

You can be sure that I will add manure and work up the ground around it.

My aim is for all to bear fruit in abundance and not in the same degree but to their
greatest capacity.

Some will need the warmth of the sun (the Son of God) to warm a cold heart that has
incurred in its life great indifference and abandonment.

Some have been left to their own wills only to find that selfishness never satisfies.

The suffering that I will allow will be wisely placed in time and duration.

I do not spare or favor anyone over another in this regard.

In My great love for humanity I have used every available means for your encouragement
and progress for spiritual growth.

With the image in mind of the Vine and the Branches, you will not become proud in your
good works.

You will not become discouraged in your lack of good Works, because in coming back to
Me I replenish you.

You are to always encourage one another.

You are all My Saints in the making, all are in transition and in need of much support.

To be aware of the sensitivity of your fellow travelers on this journey, delights Me.

Look for the blossoms among each others’ days.

These are the uplifting moments in each life that I bring to lessen a heavy burden.

I work this fruit through you; be alert for I desire to use you.

When you pray be conscious of My Whole Body, the Church Triumphant, Heaven, the
Church Suffering, Purgatory, and you the Church Militant always united.

I will bless all your prayers but when you pray with all your heart and listen for My
response, we have true communication, we have union.

Go in Peace, I want to give you a Blessing of Affirmation enforcing that you are Mine.

Remember the image of the Vine and the Branches and bear fruit for the Kingdom.

May love be always your motive.

May joy be the flower that allows everyone to know you are a part of Me.