Friday, February 25, 2011



Why, My child have you let discouragement overtake you? Discouragement is never
from Me.
Punishment is not how I deal with you but only discipline in order to encourage and
strengthen you in your daily walk.
Come, meet with Me, you have the key to My Heart that will open when you pray.
I am not a mere acquaintance so you must come in humility, in proper respect to honor
and in thanksgiving.
But now child of My love come into My arms.
Give Me your fears and hurts and tell Me of your ways you have failed to love.
Praise Me for the good you have done in My Name.
Ask Me to reveal a better way of advancing in love of neighbor and how to be humble.
Have you found a Scripture passage especially helpful or meaningful to you, share it with
I desire a relationship with you that will empower you to have a conversion of heart.

Only then will your life proceed with success upon success in your efforts.

You are My Beloved in whom I am well pleased.

Do you believe I am speaking to you now?

When I hung upon the Cross I atoned for all your sin with My precious Blood poured out.

What more could I have done to show My great love for humanity, and for you?

Rid yourself of worldly things and desires for them and in My Mercy I will shower many
graces on you.

Some sins are not seen by the sinner as I see them.

For example some sins of the tongue.

Consider now the source as Scripture points “out of the heart the mouth speaks” and “it is
not what goes into the body (I pronounced all food clean) because it does not go into his
heart but through his stomach... ....It is what comes out of a man that makes him

Do you now see how you must pray first for the conversion of your heart?

Then your tongue having been transformed from within will speak Praise, thanksgiving
and encouragement to others.

It will not be by dire efforts that you will be made well in the disease of the heart but by
My grace.

Go forth now from our meeting and put into practice what pleases the Father, your new
life in Me for I live in the heart of those who love Me.

In doing His Will, your steps are blessed more than are the steps done in your own efforts
to do good.

Always seek to know the Divine Will in order to make good progress in everything.

Simply tell Me that you desire to do My Will in all sincerity arid I will bless you.


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