Thursday, February 3, 2011



I am the Vine and you are the Branches.

The fruit you produce is from Me the source.

Be mindful of this fact that it is fruit produced from God through you.

Your fruit is any good work whether it be an encouraging word, work or smile done for
love’s sake.

Are there trees not bearing any, or bad fruit, having only beautiful green leaves, well
groomed and shiny?

You can be sure that I will add manure and work up the ground around it.

My aim is for all to bear fruit in abundance and not in the same degree but to their
greatest capacity.

Some will need the warmth of the sun (the Son of God) to warm a cold heart that has
incurred in its life great indifference and abandonment.

Some have been left to their own wills only to find that selfishness never satisfies.

The suffering that I will allow will be wisely placed in time and duration.

I do not spare or favor anyone over another in this regard.

In My great love for humanity I have used every available means for your encouragement
and progress for spiritual growth.

With the image in mind of the Vine and the Branches, you will not become proud in your
good works.

You will not become discouraged in your lack of good Works, because in coming back to
Me I replenish you.

You are to always encourage one another.

You are all My Saints in the making, all are in transition and in need of much support.

To be aware of the sensitivity of your fellow travelers on this journey, delights Me.

Look for the blossoms among each others’ days.

These are the uplifting moments in each life that I bring to lessen a heavy burden.

I work this fruit through you; be alert for I desire to use you.

When you pray be conscious of My Whole Body, the Church Triumphant, Heaven, the
Church Suffering, Purgatory, and you the Church Militant always united.

I will bless all your prayers but when you pray with all your heart and listen for My
response, we have true communication, we have union.

Go in Peace, I want to give you a Blessing of Affirmation enforcing that you are Mine.

Remember the image of the Vine and the Branches and bear fruit for the Kingdom.

May love be always your motive.

May joy be the flower that allows everyone to know you are a part of Me.


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