Thursday, August 24, 2017


2017-08-24                                                                                     INRI

Defer to one another giving priority to the preferences and needs of others in selfless abandonment.

Make an effort to spend time with others in prayer and join in community activities, thereby emptying yourselves as I emptied Myself for love of you.

If you will forget yourself and live for the other, you find joy and you will by no means feel deprived, My directives will be known to you as I will operate freely in you.

As you live your life in this way, you promote Me and it attracts even those who oppose anything to do with religion, yet I will be able to reach them.

They will not put up a wall of defiance, neither will they be closed to your words, that mysteriously will be My Words to them, the Truth through your acts of charity will be received and love will prevail.

Yes, you yourself once walked in darkness, but I freed you from sin’s slavery and from fear, do not go back into unbelief, grace has brought you thus far and what you have experienced can help others if you will allow Me to use you.

My Spirit unites all people, He testifies to the very fact that you are children of God, rejoice in this and never forget your heritage.

There is much work to be done before My return in Glory, to some it is fairly obvious, to others who are preoccupied with meaningless pastimes, they require encouragement and instruction, have patience with those who are weak.

With each passing day, I am increasing your ability to trust more in My care, in the future you will see just how important it is to have complete trust in Me.

You will never be left on your own, the necessary directions for your safety and well being, in order for you to progress, are being devised, do not be afraid only trust in the One Who has been faithful always.

 I am actively ensuring ways and means that your ultimate goal be achieved in the allotted time and beyond, look at those around you, they have been chosen for your companions, even those that are a challenge to you.

You see, your journey includes the lives of many others, I alone am able to orchestrate all the world, so that the utmost benefit for all is accomplished.

Have I not loved all My creation from the beginning, each with his own angels and holy companions, the Saints that have gone before you to blaze the way, bravely enabling you to be your best today.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


2017-08-17                                                              INRI

To live your life for yourself makes it almost meaningless, do not be content unless you are living in Me, Jesus.

In this way what you do on earth will be ordained by Me and have eternal rewards, nothing will be wasted.

I came to earth to be your example of love, that you might follow and desire to become obscure, diminished as you are doing God’s Will.

I granted you merciful love, forgiving your every fall from grace, thus in like, you must also show merciful love to your fellowman, especially when it becomes difficult to do so.

This dear friends is humility which must come first in order that what is being formed in you would begin your ascent to sainthood.

Your Holy Mother Mary will be your best model to form you in humility, allow yourself to become Her little child, She has been anticipating your coming.

Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of Heart, never desire to be distinguished among your peers.

The virtue of simplicity should define who you are, for this is the reflection, the clarification of Truth.

I cannot abide in a heart that is confused, taken up with false arguments and compromises, have the simplicity of a little child.

Thus you will speak easily to Me, right to My Heart, for I want to be your life, I care for each of you personally, you have often heard this, but have you truly comprehended this in your heart?

Though I am indeed the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, you need not approach Me in the Blessed Sacrament, afraid that there is anything that may frighten you, you are My Beloved child in whom I lavish much love and attention to every detail of your life.

Come to Me with simplicity and the confidence of a little child, yes, you must fear Me showing respect and not with undue familiarity, I will give you love for others as you spend time with Me in adoration.

It is an anomaly that, less is more, simpler is greater, and he who humbles himself is exalted.

When I see your efforts to simplify your life, it demonstrates to Me your willingness to allow Me to mold you in every facet of your life, you approach the throne of Glory and I lift up My child.

Merciful love, humility and trust will increase your faith in Me, in this way you are docile to God’s plans for the world, and thus I will be able to do great things through you.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


2017-08-10                                                                                     INRI

Do not be fearful for your life either in the present nor in the future, for whatever is your lot in life, whether riches or poverty, as it is My Will it is My Wisdom allowing it.

I created you to live an abundant life with Me not apart from Me, not in fear but in peace, joy and strength of the Truth of the Holy Spirit, for you live in My Heart.

If you are struggling day by day in order that you be saved and finding it difficult and arduous, this is not of Me, for you are My beloved children, endowed with every grace and blessing, and as My redeemed trust that you are always in My Sight.

Come close to My Heart which is ablaze with fire for love of you, that I might ignite your heart that yearns to love Me in return and others as yourself, come close and surrender every fear.

I nourish you in every Eucharist, in unbound trust you are receiving Me, no one will take you from My Arms, I will not allow it.

As some who do not know Me, and are yet far from Me, who have a false conception of their God and Father, I send you, empowered with My Love to show them charity, let My Light reach and enlighten them through you, I seek those who do not seek Me.

Did I not offer forgiveness and love to Judas’s heart, as on My Knees I humbly washed his feet, silently in My Heart begging him to reconsider his decision which was to betray Me.

Before Me in adoration you are transformed, I see you as you really are, no disguise before Me, nor any mask to hide behind, say truly what is in your heart to the One Who loves you.

When I show you who in reality you truly are, it makes you want to live a life worthy of the calling, for as an adopted son or daughter in the family of God, you are My heir, an heir of Heaven.

As you are still clothed in humanity of earth, you are not aware that having been in My presence, you radiate the Light of the Godhead, you are being renewed in spirit to be the loving being I created you to be.

Do not allow the present darkness that surrounds you to weigh you down, I am Christ risen, I am your shield, it dispels sadness, feelings of inferiority, fear of every kind, financial woes and all of life’s dilemmas, take hold of the peace and unbound trust that I am offering to you, will to receive it. 

Friday, August 4, 2017


2017-08-03                                                                   INRI

Are you not My treasure hidden in the world, a treasure for which I gave up everything to purchase, even with My very Life.

In the world I wish to melt the ice of indifference and to set the world on fire with love, with My Love.

My Merciful Love searches out the sinner, the lost and forsaken, it also enriches and sanctifies the pure souls who adore Me, who bring joy and repose to My wounded Heart.

My Blood purifies and raises up those bowed down in sin, and it is because of this love, that to fear and mistrust Me is unthinkable, realize in your heart what was sacrificed for each of you.

The sin that most offends Me is lack of trust, therefore be contrite in confessing, but never should you confess in fear and nervousness, trust in My great Mercy.

Pride is always at the very root of mistrust in My Mercy, what I am asking is humility and confidence, as if you were coming to ask forgiveness from a dear father, as you are assured of forgiveness.

You see child, you are not the best judge of knowing just how close that I am to you, for the closer I am to you, the more My Light reveals more of your defects.

You perceive wrongly if you think that because of your many faults which you now are made conscious of, that you must be far from Me, when actually the opposite is true, you have come near.

You must be able to see yourself through My Eyes, I will always comfort you with visions of My Mercies that I wish to shower upon you.

May the Cross of My Sufferings, be the bridge that reaches the farthest sinner among you, do not fear to come to the Cross.

For as you approach with trust and confidence, you cross over to conversion, into My Kingdom here on earth, what joy as you discover your greatest treasure, My Love for you.