Friday, August 4, 2017


2017-08-03                                                                   INRI

Are you not My treasure hidden in the world, a treasure for which I gave up everything to purchase, even with My very Life.

In the world I wish to melt the ice of indifference and to set the world on fire with love, with My Love.

My Merciful Love searches out the sinner, the lost and forsaken, it also enriches and sanctifies the pure souls who adore Me, who bring joy and repose to My wounded Heart.

My Blood purifies and raises up those bowed down in sin, and it is because of this love, that to fear and mistrust Me is unthinkable, realize in your heart what was sacrificed for each of you.

The sin that most offends Me is lack of trust, therefore be contrite in confessing, but never should you confess in fear and nervousness, trust in My great Mercy.

Pride is always at the very root of mistrust in My Mercy, what I am asking is humility and confidence, as if you were coming to ask forgiveness from a dear father, as you are assured of forgiveness.

You see child, you are not the best judge of knowing just how close that I am to you, for the closer I am to you, the more My Light reveals more of your defects.

You perceive wrongly if you think that because of your many faults which you now are made conscious of, that you must be far from Me, when actually the opposite is true, you have come near.

You must be able to see yourself through My Eyes, I will always comfort you with visions of My Mercies that I wish to shower upon you.

May the Cross of My Sufferings, be the bridge that reaches the farthest sinner among you, do not fear to come to the Cross.

For as you approach with trust and confidence, you cross over to conversion, into My Kingdom here on earth, what joy as you discover your greatest treasure, My Love for you.

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