Friday, November 30, 2012



You have heard it said love your neighbour but I say to you love those that hate and persecute you.

What is it if you love those who love you, even those who do evil do the same?

My children I call you to a greater love than you have ever considered in your doing.

I must love in you and through you, have no other agenda than to allow My love to be made manifest.

The Father's hand has been opened to allow all the chastisements  to purify mankind, even those whom before creation were chosen to inhabit the Kingdom.

There are also those for whom destruction has been allotted, they will worship the beast and receive
the mark, and their ways will contaminate all they touch.

When you love, grace pours forth to the ones who have never known My great and infinite care for
them personally, you must be that transmitter.

The deceiver has managed thus far to distract some, who have followed blindly and willingly because it was pleasurable, they have not fought against it, but desired to continue unhindered.

But now the hour has come when My own will be gathered into My Kingdom for all eternity.

Will you suffer? Yes, My little ones, in following Me there will be suffering of every kind, but only for a time, do not lose faith in me, persevere for it will be short in its duration.

For Faith has not been given to all, and you must consider yourselves blessed and grateful for all that
has been prepared for you.

I  am with you and want My presence felt by you, so that you do what I command with the needed trust, in the circumstances that will be coming upon your world presently.

Be My arms that comfort the despairing and lonely, the sinner who is thinking that he has no hope of
changing or reconciling.

Pray especially for My Sacred chosen ones who lead you, they may find it difficult at this time to know what they must do and say, how to fulfill My mandate.

I want to be their pillar upon which they depend totally, without cause for concern about what others
might say, I want to lead them Myself in their complete abandonment.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012



My chosen ones, you do not yet realize My gift that many will experience, as never in any other
generation ever before you.

Many will not endure death, but will be taken immediately into the New Paradise directly.

But first must come persecution in the light of Truth, I am the Truth, but the New World Order will
promote in full force propaganda, trying to persuade you in ways that are false.

The Church will experience a great schism, that will involve priests and bishops alike.

They will be accepting laws that go against what the Church traditionally has kept Sacred.

Soon division will be broadcast universally, and many will accept these easier and seemingly good ways, but l will no longer be found in their churches.

Remain with Me by keeping your eyes and thoughts, securely on the Commandments of old.

There is coming a time when the Sacraments and the Mass itself, will be administered in secret for the safety of the elect.

Persuasion to follow the crowds will be overwhelming, but you must persevere in your stance for Truth.

I will strengthen your faith, in the precise moment that it is needed, so do not fear your weakness.

My Mother has repeatedly asked that you fast, remember how the Apostles and disciples awaited the
coming of the Holy Spirit for nine days, in fasting and prayer.

You will also need this discipline, make your resolve now, to make every effort to gain the required
grace, that will render you strong.

In difficult times, when even your families and closest friends, try to persuade you to follow this new
and easy way that seems right, stand firm and do not waiver.

You will receive your reward for you steadfast faithfulness, which will be your new home, a place that is indescribably beautiful, and love will reign in every heart.

Be always mindful that, even if you are called to Martyrdom, that you will have gained everything, for I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I know your every struggle and pain, even the heartache you suffer for those you love, I share with you all this and more, unite them with My Passion, for soon you will never again be subject to sin.


Thursday, November 15, 2012



You are not your own, for I have ransomed you to be Mine for all eternity.

You will all have a cross to bear, in imitation of Me, yet ask that it may be removed.

I may answer you ‘no or not yet’ or I may answer you ’My grace is sufficient for you to carry it.’

In My Wisdom and Mercy, which calculates all things together, for the whole of creation, I decide only what will be best served by all.

When you accept suffering and adversity for love of Me, I bless many because of your action.

When you do not receive everything that I had planned, your Jesus is saddened, because of the love I
bear for you.

Do not allow your eyes to rest on images and things of this world, rather set them and the eyes of your Soul on your God.

Peace then replaces anxiety and stress, for you enter into the realm of My Spirit within your being.

Give to Me your thoughts and desires your will, and please Me by doing only My Will for My pleasure.

Herein the length of your days, I will walk along with you, inspiring actions you would not of your own do.

Your time here is counted and when it is experienced with Me, it is made Divine in all you say, do and minister.

Empty yourself and I will fill you with living water, streaming forth from within, beloved thirst for Me.

How else can I fill you, if you are full of self, ask Me and I will do all, in order to accomplish what I have planned to do in you.

You have much to anticipate and look forward to in our new life together, for I have never envisioned
that we would ever be apart in this world or the next.

Child, you must take seriously this emptying of self, humility is the necessary credentials of the Kingdom.

When you say ”Father I have nothing to offer you and I am nothing, help me”, I hear and answer even before it is on your lips.

Don't be afraid, I am here, I love you, have confidence in Me, I am greater and more powerful than you can imagine and anyone who tries to harm you, will have to contend with Me.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012



There are many things that must happen before I return, My children are to be made ready, will I find
faith in the world, My Mother is a gift to you, preparing all who will listen.

Today, I wish to fill you with My Spirit, that you give to Me your will, your whole being.

Soon, I will heal you of all your diseases, your physical and mental weaknesses, all that I your physician will heal, enables you to taste eternity with Me even here and now.

Your hearts will be satisfied, and no longer yearn for peace and love which will begin in your hearts.

At this time, make a conscious decision to hold on to nothing of this earth but Me.

With an open hand, you will offer to Me all that you possess, for things will not possess you any longer.

Truly in all of eternity, these earthly things, your dwellings also, will be but a burden to you.

It will be as a bird trying to fly with a weight attached to it's foot, weighing it down it is unable to fly.

Rid yourselves of anything that holds or confines you in this world, be free, Wisdom speaks to you.

May your thoughts be constantly on eternity, and what is to be your new home.

Call on your Angel to enlighten you more and more as to My attributes, so praise be ever on your lips.

O, how glorious will be the moment when our eyes meet for the first time.

This is a time of grace that is given to all, for I desire for all of My creation to be with Me for all eternity.

In the great purification of this world, many will be bewildered and confused, for in their enjoyment of life, they have not even considered the possibility that they could be damned for all time.

Satan has blinded them with the pursuit of money and what it affords, pleasures and drugs which makes the reality of this world disappear.

The young are especially vulnerable, wanting to be accepted by their peers, they cowardly follow the
bold and not always virtuous leaders in their group, who often are bullies.

These are unusual times and they can be for My followers, in whom I inhabit as My own, very exciting times as well, I will make of you a gift to others, to those who are the lost; be patient, as history unfolds, trust in My love for you.