Thursday, November 1, 2012



I am always ready to forgive you, but when you are asking Me to forgive the one who has wronged you, I grant you graces that equip you for the New Kingdom, you are My new creation.

You then are showing signs that Kingdom ways are being manifested in you, My presence being sensed.

Rejoice in the fact that angels are bowing before you, seeing My life in you.

I am now able to love your neighbour through your efforts, even though My using you has been hidden.

You have given yourself over to Me as fully as you are able now, and much more is being accomplished.

l am making up for your shortcomings in the interim, until you are fully immersed in My Spirit.

My Mother works alongside of you to encourage and strengthen your Faith in Her Son.

Though the World at large is growing more and more pagan and atheistic, courage propels you on.

Here and now is the Hope among you, unifying My Body the Church, bracing to cling to the Truth.

As My Holy Spirit brings His fire upon the earth, many signs will emerge in order to save Souls.

Pray that you will not be distracted or fearful with the calamities happening about you, for I enlist your help for all destined for Eternal Salvation.

You will be hearing propaganda, against God saying that I do not exist, and that they have a new idea to unite all the World, in one Religion, but without Me.

This Religion will be said to benefit all peoples equally and justly, but it will not include Me, your
Almighty God.

Look to Me always for I have prepared everything for you My faithful and loyal ones.

Winning Souls that are heading for destruction, is what is uppermost in the Heart of God at this time.

Pray and remain close to My Word, for it will always instruct you, it is not time for merriment.

With confident trust, begin each day with the Rosary, which evokes the aid of your Blessed Mother.

She alone will lead you all to the safe haven of My Sacred Heart, pray for those Priests who do not
invoke Holy Mary nor My Divine Mercy, which is so essential at this crucial time.


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