Thursday, November 15, 2012



You are not your own, for I have ransomed you to be Mine for all eternity.

You will all have a cross to bear, in imitation of Me, yet ask that it may be removed.

I may answer you ‘no or not yet’ or I may answer you ’My grace is sufficient for you to carry it.’

In My Wisdom and Mercy, which calculates all things together, for the whole of creation, I decide only what will be best served by all.

When you accept suffering and adversity for love of Me, I bless many because of your action.

When you do not receive everything that I had planned, your Jesus is saddened, because of the love I
bear for you.

Do not allow your eyes to rest on images and things of this world, rather set them and the eyes of your Soul on your God.

Peace then replaces anxiety and stress, for you enter into the realm of My Spirit within your being.

Give to Me your thoughts and desires your will, and please Me by doing only My Will for My pleasure.

Herein the length of your days, I will walk along with you, inspiring actions you would not of your own do.

Your time here is counted and when it is experienced with Me, it is made Divine in all you say, do and minister.

Empty yourself and I will fill you with living water, streaming forth from within, beloved thirst for Me.

How else can I fill you, if you are full of self, ask Me and I will do all, in order to accomplish what I have planned to do in you.

You have much to anticipate and look forward to in our new life together, for I have never envisioned
that we would ever be apart in this world or the next.

Child, you must take seriously this emptying of self, humility is the necessary credentials of the Kingdom.

When you say ”Father I have nothing to offer you and I am nothing, help me”, I hear and answer even before it is on your lips.

Don't be afraid, I am here, I love you, have confidence in Me, I am greater and more powerful than you can imagine and anyone who tries to harm you, will have to contend with Me.


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