Friday, November 30, 2012



You have heard it said love your neighbour but I say to you love those that hate and persecute you.

What is it if you love those who love you, even those who do evil do the same?

My children I call you to a greater love than you have ever considered in your doing.

I must love in you and through you, have no other agenda than to allow My love to be made manifest.

The Father's hand has been opened to allow all the chastisements  to purify mankind, even those whom before creation were chosen to inhabit the Kingdom.

There are also those for whom destruction has been allotted, they will worship the beast and receive
the mark, and their ways will contaminate all they touch.

When you love, grace pours forth to the ones who have never known My great and infinite care for
them personally, you must be that transmitter.

The deceiver has managed thus far to distract some, who have followed blindly and willingly because it was pleasurable, they have not fought against it, but desired to continue unhindered.

But now the hour has come when My own will be gathered into My Kingdom for all eternity.

Will you suffer? Yes, My little ones, in following Me there will be suffering of every kind, but only for a time, do not lose faith in me, persevere for it will be short in its duration.

For Faith has not been given to all, and you must consider yourselves blessed and grateful for all that
has been prepared for you.

I  am with you and want My presence felt by you, so that you do what I command with the needed trust, in the circumstances that will be coming upon your world presently.

Be My arms that comfort the despairing and lonely, the sinner who is thinking that he has no hope of
changing or reconciling.

Pray especially for My Sacred chosen ones who lead you, they may find it difficult at this time to know what they must do and say, how to fulfill My mandate.

I want to be their pillar upon which they depend totally, without cause for concern about what others
might say, I want to lead them Myself in their complete abandonment.


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