Wednesday, November 7, 2012



There are many things that must happen before I return, My children are to be made ready, will I find
faith in the world, My Mother is a gift to you, preparing all who will listen.

Today, I wish to fill you with My Spirit, that you give to Me your will, your whole being.

Soon, I will heal you of all your diseases, your physical and mental weaknesses, all that I your physician will heal, enables you to taste eternity with Me even here and now.

Your hearts will be satisfied, and no longer yearn for peace and love which will begin in your hearts.

At this time, make a conscious decision to hold on to nothing of this earth but Me.

With an open hand, you will offer to Me all that you possess, for things will not possess you any longer.

Truly in all of eternity, these earthly things, your dwellings also, will be but a burden to you.

It will be as a bird trying to fly with a weight attached to it's foot, weighing it down it is unable to fly.

Rid yourselves of anything that holds or confines you in this world, be free, Wisdom speaks to you.

May your thoughts be constantly on eternity, and what is to be your new home.

Call on your Angel to enlighten you more and more as to My attributes, so praise be ever on your lips.

O, how glorious will be the moment when our eyes meet for the first time.

This is a time of grace that is given to all, for I desire for all of My creation to be with Me for all eternity.

In the great purification of this world, many will be bewildered and confused, for in their enjoyment of life, they have not even considered the possibility that they could be damned for all time.

Satan has blinded them with the pursuit of money and what it affords, pleasures and drugs which makes the reality of this world disappear.

The young are especially vulnerable, wanting to be accepted by their peers, they cowardly follow the
bold and not always virtuous leaders in their group, who often are bullies.

These are unusual times and they can be for My followers, in whom I inhabit as My own, very exciting times as well, I will make of you a gift to others, to those who are the lost; be patient, as history unfolds, trust in My love for you.


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