Thursday, April 25, 2013



Feel the stirrings I have set within your heart, you will know without a doubt what you must do.
But some will lack the courage of conviction, and will delay what is presently an urgent appeal.

I came to set a pattern of love in motion for you to follow, ask for what you currently need and I will supply most generously.

When your eyes are on Me, you begin to see the goodness in your brothers and sisters, and not when you are focused on self concerns.

Share among yourselves the good things about each other, some stories about the Saints are very encouraging and a source of growth in virtues can be gained.

Even here and now, the Father has chosen some among you, to glorify Him in extraordinary ways.

But all of you are called to glorify God, not seeking to be anything other than the person you were created to be, but humbly walking with your Lord.

You are constantly being observed by others and I want to sanctify you, that they may be convinced of your Faith in Me and be converted.

Yes, as you act reverently towards each other, no matter the circumstances whether favorable or otherwise, you are being watched.

Your Heavenly family, though they are no longer visible on the earth, remain forever with you to help you to be ready to enter eternity with them.

As My representatives, you concern yourselves with the poor and the ones who need encouragement, seeking also the well being of the sick and infirm.

Those with thankful hearts give great solace to Me, love brings them great rewards now and hereafter.

I have many graces planned for you each day, but you must be ready to ask for and to receive them.

When you make the effort to be with Me, especially in your busy and hectic day, you gain graces even if merely gazing at a Sacred Image or a prayerful thought.

I am lonesome for you, do not be long in your absence from Me, does this seem hard to believe, that the God of the Universe could be waiting impatiently for your time and affection?

Gather together often for love of Me, it is then that the atmosphere is set perfectly for the Holy Spirit, to pour out upon you His ministry gifts.

I long to share with you, that there is so much more to this world of yours, that you should experience in the Spiritual realm, and also that you may utilize the benefits for all to the greater glory of God. 


Thursday, April 18, 2013



I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, whoever receives Me receives the Father also.

I returned to the Father, having finished the work He gave Me to do, and now with the Father I am able to be with you everywhere at all times.

Thus is given to all who would receive Him, the Holy Spirit who leads you into all Truths, and Who
reminds you of all that I taught.

For the Father Himself teaches you, even though it may be through the words and hands of another,
whom He has chosen for your benefit.

Rejoice and be glad when you are criticized and not praised, in the work that you do here and now for the Kingdom, for then you are closer to Me and l to you.

When you are open to hear Me, you will not need others to give you direction or choose for you what you should do, for l want to direct you Myself.

I want you to have Faith in Me, and to believe in My great and abiding love for you, do you really want to leave it to another to hear what is only for your ears?

You know Me in your head, when will you know Me in your heart where I now reside?

For what you say and do has huge implications in the world even without your acknowledging it.

I desire that you grow into a deeper trust of My love and know what I want to do in your life.

Through small events where you will be compelled to act bravely, your freedom still intact, you will
decide to risk humiliation or decline.

If you decide to say ”yes” you will feel a great sense of accomplishment, for all of Heaven rejoices, they were all praying for you.

I do not ask for successes but only that you give Me your heart to desire doing My Will, I read hearts.

Sometimes I see actions that appear to be great deeds of Mercy but without love, and which are done
for selfish motives.

Come closer for you do not yet know Me, I want to whisper into your heart's ears love you need to hear.

Nothing will be impossible for God, and if you will trust Me to direct you, much can be accomplished for l have commissioned you, and not another can fill your position.

Don't be afraid of failure, I’ll direct you, wait for your call to act, a simple prayer with the one I send you to, will allow Me to heal and convert and do so much more than you can imagine.


Thursday, April 11, 2013


Do you have Faith in the Son of God?

Satan’s only strongholds on you will be when you fear or when you hate.

You must become fearless in your thoughts and in the convictions of your spirit.

Fear which keeps you from progressing in the things you know you ought to do, must be overcome by Faith alone in Me.

I will heal and comfort everyone who in the carrying of their crosses, follow Me.

Even when you withhold forgiveness for a little while, it wounds you and the other, be forgiven, be forgiveness.

As I forgave My persecutors, so must you, even when they are not sorry, nor asked forgiveness.

Yes, My own, whom I teach with a patient and loving hand, do likewise for each other.

As you refer continuously to My Holy Scriptures, you will come to know Me and My Ways.

Love and it will return to you a hundred fold, especially when love is not returned from the ones you love, I will compensate for them.

When hate and anger is released among you, it multiplies and the door of evil has been flung open.

Do not dwell on past hurts or what has not been returned to you, only seek to do kindness and good.

Do you love Me?  Then live in Me, come to know the love I have for you, you will be given greater Faith.

Receive Me in the Eucharist and you will feed on the richest food of Heaven itself, I will empower you.

Do not forget to find a quiet space to hear Me, even amidst your busy day, for I will be found in amazing ways and places, if you will only desire it.

I have never left you, always am I thinking of you, for I love you and if you even mention My Name, I bless you abundantly.

What do you treasure?  Am I the desire of your heart night and day, I pray that I am, today become for Me the one who will not forget Me.

Do not allow the evil one a foothold when he provokes a disagreement among you.

Be the one who with My help, extinguishes the fire with a word of gentle consoling calmness.

When all is said and done, peace will reign in everyones' hearts, and mindsets will have been changed, as in this action you will have followed Me.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013



You have been raised to new life, seated with Me on high.

Do you not sense a higher calling, in that I have called you by name, to be with Me and with the Father.

Meditate on the fact that your name is written and known in the Heavens.

Great and marvelous are the tasks consigned to you, though they may be but a cup of water to another.

But you must abandon yourselves to Me, clinging to nothing whatsoever, in order to be free on earth.

What you hang on to for security, are the very things that restrain your progress in prayer and works.

Your Blessed Mother has asked that you fast and pray, these are not mere suggestions, but the very tools that will help you to be where you aspire to be.

For time is of the essence now, and it must not be wasted and put off till later, I am preparing and
equipping you for an urgent need of evangelizing in the world, I call many, few respond to Me.

Glorious are the gifts I've assembled for you, and it is good that you possess them, in order to be free of fear of the coming chastisements for the world.
These favours I wish to bestow upon you, will make you relinquish all in the world, and enable you to become fearless even to death.

You will not fear persecution because it will be My Will that is allowing it, nor will you fear the loss of  any material possessions, that ultimately do not lead to Me.

When you lift even your thoughts to Me, My joy is increased and I bless you with more grace for
distancing yourselves from all that is not for My Glory.

Gratitude and humility are what you shall clothe yourselves in, as you grow in prayer and reflection.

I will give you ears to hear Me, and ears to hear even the silent cry of your brothers and sisters.

I will give you eyes that will see Me, where you did not expect to see Me, but you must not seek them.

When you go about seeking consolations, you will not receive them, for what I desire is that you serve your fellowman without compensation.

For what is most important will be the good deeds, that you will accomplish within My love, that flows from My Spirit in you.

Seek to perform your duty well, I am in the work that you do, O My Beloved, seek to know only your
nothingness and poverty, there you will be gaining Resurrection power in your life here and now.