Thursday, April 25, 2013



Feel the stirrings I have set within your heart, you will know without a doubt what you must do.
But some will lack the courage of conviction, and will delay what is presently an urgent appeal.

I came to set a pattern of love in motion for you to follow, ask for what you currently need and I will supply most generously.

When your eyes are on Me, you begin to see the goodness in your brothers and sisters, and not when you are focused on self concerns.

Share among yourselves the good things about each other, some stories about the Saints are very encouraging and a source of growth in virtues can be gained.

Even here and now, the Father has chosen some among you, to glorify Him in extraordinary ways.

But all of you are called to glorify God, not seeking to be anything other than the person you were created to be, but humbly walking with your Lord.

You are constantly being observed by others and I want to sanctify you, that they may be convinced of your Faith in Me and be converted.

Yes, as you act reverently towards each other, no matter the circumstances whether favorable or otherwise, you are being watched.

Your Heavenly family, though they are no longer visible on the earth, remain forever with you to help you to be ready to enter eternity with them.

As My representatives, you concern yourselves with the poor and the ones who need encouragement, seeking also the well being of the sick and infirm.

Those with thankful hearts give great solace to Me, love brings them great rewards now and hereafter.

I have many graces planned for you each day, but you must be ready to ask for and to receive them.

When you make the effort to be with Me, especially in your busy and hectic day, you gain graces even if merely gazing at a Sacred Image or a prayerful thought.

I am lonesome for you, do not be long in your absence from Me, does this seem hard to believe, that the God of the Universe could be waiting impatiently for your time and affection?

Gather together often for love of Me, it is then that the atmosphere is set perfectly for the Holy Spirit, to pour out upon you His ministry gifts.

I long to share with you, that there is so much more to this world of yours, that you should experience in the Spiritual realm, and also that you may utilize the benefits for all to the greater glory of God. 


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