Thursday, April 11, 2013


Do you have Faith in the Son of God?

Satan’s only strongholds on you will be when you fear or when you hate.

You must become fearless in your thoughts and in the convictions of your spirit.

Fear which keeps you from progressing in the things you know you ought to do, must be overcome by Faith alone in Me.

I will heal and comfort everyone who in the carrying of their crosses, follow Me.

Even when you withhold forgiveness for a little while, it wounds you and the other, be forgiven, be forgiveness.

As I forgave My persecutors, so must you, even when they are not sorry, nor asked forgiveness.

Yes, My own, whom I teach with a patient and loving hand, do likewise for each other.

As you refer continuously to My Holy Scriptures, you will come to know Me and My Ways.

Love and it will return to you a hundred fold, especially when love is not returned from the ones you love, I will compensate for them.

When hate and anger is released among you, it multiplies and the door of evil has been flung open.

Do not dwell on past hurts or what has not been returned to you, only seek to do kindness and good.

Do you love Me?  Then live in Me, come to know the love I have for you, you will be given greater Faith.

Receive Me in the Eucharist and you will feed on the richest food of Heaven itself, I will empower you.

Do not forget to find a quiet space to hear Me, even amidst your busy day, for I will be found in amazing ways and places, if you will only desire it.

I have never left you, always am I thinking of you, for I love you and if you even mention My Name, I bless you abundantly.

What do you treasure?  Am I the desire of your heart night and day, I pray that I am, today become for Me the one who will not forget Me.

Do not allow the evil one a foothold when he provokes a disagreement among you.

Be the one who with My help, extinguishes the fire with a word of gentle consoling calmness.

When all is said and done, peace will reign in everyones' hearts, and mindsets will have been changed, as in this action you will have followed Me.


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