Wednesday, June 29, 2016


2016-06-29                                                                        INRI

Seek Me in the quiet presence of the Eucharist when life becomes fearful and worrisome for you.

Here you will find solace and comfort to believe in the love and care that is waiting to console any who dare to lay their burdens before Me.

My authentic presence Body, Soul and Divinity are here to strengthen you, allowing you to view the problem from a new perspective, God’s perspective.

Come to Me with all the confidence of a child who trusts implicitly in the ability of his father to take care of his need.

In life you will encounter disappointment, with those you trusted, and maybe you might be disappointed in yourself or even with God, that the forthcoming answer to prayer has not yet come.

Never forget My constant presence, with you and in you, I am conscious of your needs from moment to moment, but I desire that you calm yourself that I may enlighten you to the truth of your situation.

To please Me and desire to do My Will in all things through grace being supplied is what you are all striving to achieve.

The world has been conditioned to disappointment and sadness and so they do not seek to see the good around them and therefor see only the worst in others.

They are not surprised in the evil that is being broadcast over and over, growing still darker in the forecast presented to them, with not a mention of God’s goodness to encourage the weak, the hurting.

Did I not experience disappointment constantly while on the earth, jealousy among the leaders that were seeking to kill Me, but I trusted in My Father’s plan of Salvation for all mankind.

Grace upon grace has been poured down on all who ask Me, I will show you the Wisdom with which I bless those who have confidence and trust blindly following as I direct their ways, a path leading to freedom.

My Wisdom will show that you have been spared a greater disaster that would not have been beneficial to you, My love allows only the best scenario for you at any given time. 

Do not be afraid of silence, I am in the silence and I will speak if you will only find time to desire to be with Me, desire it because it is always My Will, I have all the time in the world.                          

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


2016-06-22                                                                       INRI

Salvation is a free gift given to you from God, but you must cooperate with Faith, yielding to My Spirit, then you will not yield to the cravings of the flesh.

Are you living in the flesh or in the Spirit, you may consider yourselves saved but I tell you, those who go against My Commands and do what is evil will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Are the fruits of the Spirit operating in you, against these there is no law, for those who follow Me, have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

Let no one deceive you with worthless arguments in regards to salvation for sins bring down God’s wrath.

Having disciplined the flesh, one begins to deny oneself of all that is earthly and to concentrate on the the things eternal, the things of Heaven.

You can do nothing on your own, even as you have decided to do good, without the gift of My Holy Spirit, the flesh remains weak in its resolve.

Surrender your life completely to the leading of the Holy Spirit, giving Him control of all for love of Me.

When you have decided to surrender, you have just begun and must learn what it means to live daily relinquishing your whole self to My Spirit, doing the Will of God.

You will thus give Me permission to grace you with power and authority, to be used for a greater purpose in the service of others, being more concerned for them than for yourself.

I have set you free from your past, working now from a clean slate, set your mind on living today in the Will of God and not your will.

You are a new creation in Me, Christ Jesus, do not allow the evil one to focus your thoughts on the past, your past does not dictate your future.

My Holy Spirit will help you discern Truth from the lies accepted by most in the world, He will set your hearts on fire that I may use you, for greater purposes than you have planned for yourself.

Look not at yourself, your weaknesses and lack of understanding and knowledge, I have chosen you, do not question My Wisdom in this.

When you approach the Tabernacle, you approach the burning bush that is not consumed, as the face of Moses was glowing, you also will bear the light upon your countenance.

I am the God of Happiness, I desire that you also be happy, allow Me to do so in your life, follow and trust in My love for you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


2016-06-15                                                                                           INRI

Today as in no other time in history, individuals need to seek Truth and not to accept the falsehood that is being presented in the world.

Each of your lives has been planned by your Creator, you will be challenged to grow to be great, I did not create you to be mediocre, but that you should become great.

The young people especially, who have their lives before them, are seeking direction and purpose in their lives, but are finding that they must go against the way of the world.

Their dreams of happiness are in essence of Me, Jesus, when they find themselves dismayed and unsatisfied, it is when they find Me for I am waiting for them.

This world invites you to wear a false mask but I am inviting you to the truth of who you really are, and that truth is that you belong to Me.

I have given you freedom to choose to do good, to love truly in the authenticity of Heaven, oh the joy that lasts as no other.

My Holy Spirit stirs within you to do great things, in Me, with Me, and through Me, giving your “yes” and refusing to have your wings clipped to mediocrity, you were meant to fly.

Humbly and patiently you will improve yourselves as you make My Kingdom on earth a place of brotherly love not of hate or division.

I look into the depths of hearts and know what you want, I have placed a desire to please Me in the work that you do and the people with whom you associate.

The world today has inverted the Truth, with wishful thinking, that without any effort on their part, that because God is so good, that no one hardly is destined for damnation.

The Truth of My Word is that broad and wide is the path that leads to destruction and many are traveling that way, narrow is the road that leads to life and few are finding it.

Those on the path of destruction need not remain there but by your witness and prayers may change and be put on the right path to salvation.

Your life will be the best witness to the Truth that will set them free, all My people need to spend time with Me both in Scripture and prayer, here is the time to lay all your frustrations and joys before Me.

I give your life meaning, something worthwhile and the joy of living each day, you will sense My calling to you and feel the rightness of My Will for what I am wanting you to do.

I am the One Who gives you true life here on earth, when you have found Me your life truly begins.  

Thursday, June 9, 2016


2016-06-09                                                                        INRI

Justice requires that you pray, your salvation hinges on this union with God, if you love God with all your heart, mind, and strength, you will want to pray without ceasing.

You will not want to know what is the minimum that you need to pray, because if you love Me, you will want to be around Me constantly, which will cause you to desire to love also your neighbour as yourself.

In prayer you consider the things that you do for yourself as opposed to the time and effort you put towards helping others, it may be something that you have never thought before.

Prayer is a process, vocal will be your first means and meditation slowly acquired, your efforts are constantly seen and cherished by Me, even if you merely lift your heart in thought for love of Me.

My Blessed Mother urges all to daily prayer of the Rosary and to meditate by placing yourself in each scene of the Mystery of the Rosary.

When you study Scripture and Sacred Writings you learn to know God in a deeper way, but prayer unites you to God, you communicate with Him, as I so frequently prayed to My Father while on earth.

Prayer will draw you ever closer to Me, you will begin to see Me in your mind-vision, your intellectual vision, you will to give Me perfect love, because of the recognition of My Goodness.

With continued prayer you subsequently are finding that you want and will to be with Me more and more, causing you to will to detach from the very things that have caused you to withdraw your attention from Me.

As you remain with Me, I show you your defects, the vices that are blemishes in you, soon we will be replacing them with virtues.

Each vice has an opposing virtue, you may not even be aware of your defects but do not fear that you will be overwhelmed in their discovery, as you concede they will be familiar to you.

My perfections will be what you will desire for yourself, fixated upon holiness, simplicity in prayer will be the vehicle to bring you there.

You will not be conscious of what is happening or how it is being accomplished, the spiritual growth of your formation, for it is the work of the Holy Spirit Who will complete and orchestrate all.

At times you will have lost moments or possibly longer periods, deep in prayer, fixed upon the Goodness of your Saviour, without realization of what has transpired you are awed by God in His Greatness.

Mystical contemplation is supernatural and is not what you are to desire, but these consolations are a natural progression in every person who advances in the spiritual life.

You were all created to become Saints, do not become dismayed looking today at where you are in relation to others holiness, for in the blink of an eye, I can transform the least to be first.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


2016-06-01                                                                                   INRI

You have been given the Divine gift of My Mercy, but so few have understood its immensity, power and graces.

It is your responsibility, mission as it were, to come into the essence and realization of the gift, that you may share and utilize it for your good and that of others.

I want you to understand and know about My Mercy so that in actuality you may trust in Me fully.

I send you the Holy Spirit to renew and deepen your faith and give to you many opportunities to accept the ways in which I will accomplish this in your life.

With your cooperation to the inspirations of My Spirit, you become convinced of His power to give of yourself, I draw you in order to receive His promptings and influence to witness about Me.

The world, the flesh and the devil will try to divert your efforts elsewhere, anything but what will be the most beneficial for your life and that of others in My plan for a deeper faith and conversion.

But I will not allow anything but My perfect Will for you, you will hear My Spirit in a mysterious way, above the world’s noise and confusion and all its distractions.

Rest in My Hands, I will accomplish in your life, what you could not do in many years of effort, trust in My love for you, confident in the fact that you matter and that I care for all that affects you.

When your efforts are not requested, you may very well be interfering with My plan, not much progress will be made, rest in My Will to accomplish what is needed, without your worry, stress and be willing to trust in Me completely.

Learn that My Divine Mercy is realized in abandoning yourself to God, do not strive to accomplish what I want to give to you as a gift.

You cannot earn it, you cannot control your life, yet your efforts are all directed to try to do so, let go and allow Me free reign in your life, you will find that a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

You must enter into an anointing, a supernatural reality of faith, only accomplished as a leap of faith, trusting in God unconditionally in spite of whatever situation is troubling you at the present time.

This you cannot do without the Holy Spirit, you must acknowledge that this life you are now living is temporary and that you are being prepared for eternal life.

Trust that what I am allowing today in your life, may or may not be resolved here, you are destined for a life with God, continue to be strengthened through the Sacraments in forgiveness and fed through the Eucharist.