Wednesday, June 1, 2016


2016-06-01                                                                                   INRI

You have been given the Divine gift of My Mercy, but so few have understood its immensity, power and graces.

It is your responsibility, mission as it were, to come into the essence and realization of the gift, that you may share and utilize it for your good and that of others.

I want you to understand and know about My Mercy so that in actuality you may trust in Me fully.

I send you the Holy Spirit to renew and deepen your faith and give to you many opportunities to accept the ways in which I will accomplish this in your life.

With your cooperation to the inspirations of My Spirit, you become convinced of His power to give of yourself, I draw you in order to receive His promptings and influence to witness about Me.

The world, the flesh and the devil will try to divert your efforts elsewhere, anything but what will be the most beneficial for your life and that of others in My plan for a deeper faith and conversion.

But I will not allow anything but My perfect Will for you, you will hear My Spirit in a mysterious way, above the world’s noise and confusion and all its distractions.

Rest in My Hands, I will accomplish in your life, what you could not do in many years of effort, trust in My love for you, confident in the fact that you matter and that I care for all that affects you.

When your efforts are not requested, you may very well be interfering with My plan, not much progress will be made, rest in My Will to accomplish what is needed, without your worry, stress and be willing to trust in Me completely.

Learn that My Divine Mercy is realized in abandoning yourself to God, do not strive to accomplish what I want to give to you as a gift.

You cannot earn it, you cannot control your life, yet your efforts are all directed to try to do so, let go and allow Me free reign in your life, you will find that a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

You must enter into an anointing, a supernatural reality of faith, only accomplished as a leap of faith, trusting in God unconditionally in spite of whatever situation is troubling you at the present time.

This you cannot do without the Holy Spirit, you must acknowledge that this life you are now living is temporary and that you are being prepared for eternal life.

Trust that what I am allowing today in your life, may or may not be resolved here, you are destined for a life with God, continue to be strengthened through the Sacraments in forgiveness and fed through the Eucharist.

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