Sunday, May 22, 2016


2016-05-21                                                                              INRI

Many have come to Me today, wanting to hear the Word, wanting healing and some come just out of curiosity.

Yet My desire is for the neediest among you, and My eyes rest on the one who does not even look at Me, he appears to have the weight of the world upon him, I am aware of his unhappiness.

My Heart aches in seeing his pain and anguish, but this very day, he will have his miracle, indeed My greatest miracle is that of conversion.

While the crowds are vying for My attention, I draw him through My Spirit, It stirs his spirit within him and he comes to Me, wondering to himself how he’s had the courage to do so.

Away from curious eyes I draw him away for privacy, where he is able to unburden his heart that has long been deceived in believing that he was forever lost, unredeemable.

His soul is so very precious to Me, and I want him to know how valuable, loved and needed he is.

As he spills forth his heart, I console and encourage him to have faith and to trust in Me, tears of relief now pour from this freed captive, who has received forgiveness and new life.

His world seems somehow brighter, everything has beauty that he never realized before, he feels eager to shout from the rooftop his joy is hard to restrain.

He feels as though he loves everyone as he never did before, he does not understand what has happened to him, but God has freed him, this he is certain of.

He asks himself, why did he not come to Jesus sooner, he berates himself, yet the immense joy continues to overflow his elated heart, and he is able now to forgive himself also.

I tell you, you will be blessed in accepting the grace offered to you, yes, it is a humbling experience to trust My ministers with your weaknesses, your vulnerability, your sin, but it is I Who am forgiving you.

Conversion is not a once and done deal, no, for you will need to repeatedly be transformed, slowly will conversion prepare you for the Kingdom that awaits you.

Your life on earth is preparation, a learning to love and no longer to be self-serving, your ultimate victory will be your new home, the New Jerusalem, where there will be no more sorrow or pain, no tears and no more death.

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