Thursday, May 25, 2017


2017-05-25                                                                      INRI

I will always warn you and never do anything without warning you first as in the day of Noah.

In the world today many seek to placate, adapt to evil and change if ever so slightly the words of My Gospel, making it favorable, convenient, in order to accommodate the weaknesses of sinful man.

This has been done to appease the rich and prosperous, so that they feel quite comfortable in their religious surroundings and beliefs.

Many are attracted, who desire to foolishly believe in a non-confrontational, convenient gospel, a religious organization that will entertain as opposed to seeking repentance and forgiveness.

My faithful people, be aware of this faith-friendly church that denies the Truth and true Gospel by ensnaring the lost ones, the vulnerable and easily swayed.

These churches become big business, accommodating everyone in their wants, not necessarily in what they truly need, their ministers sound very spiritual, and say the words that convince one to falsely accept an erroneous doctrine.

They do not preach Me, Jesus, but an imposter Jesus, these ministers will deceive many, this gospel will be a perversion of My true Gospel.

Today I am bringing a warning that you discern and remain in My Truth, you will need My Holy Spirit and His gifts in order that you may not yourselves be deceived, so convincing is My adversary.

Satan is not afraid to come into the Church disguised as an angel of light, nothing shall be beneath him, his ministers also transformed in this work of deception.

They do not bring Glory to Me, but glory in their successes in themselves, they glory in accommodating everyone and gaining acceptance by the world at large.

Have I not told you through Scripture that the way is narrow that leads to the Kingdom, and that wide is the way that leads to perdition, be aware of false prophets.

My Spirit is grieved for all who will be deceived in their desire for pleasures more than they love God.

You must practice self-denial and do not take offense to the Cross, for it was through My death upon the Cross and My rising that your Salvation was accomplished and gained for you.

You must be able to say “I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live but Christ lives in me.”

Grace must lead you to righteousness, weep in the light of your sinfulness, for those who preach comfort are leading you into destruction.

Am I at this time to placate you or shall I tell you the Truth, for the world is in dire need of the Spirit of Truth.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


2017-05-17                                                           INRI

You were created for Heaven and have been ransomed by God’s own Son, think often on your destiny.

Will I not make available to you every grace and blessing, that you will need in order that you may have the victory?

I know your temptations and vulnerabilities, I have given you strengths to overcome them, be at peace in Me.

For I walk along with you as you journey, pain and sufferings are a major part of this equation that will eventually bring you home.

Be sensitive to My presence, though you do not see Me, you will be aware of the power invested in you.

I lead you down safe and secure paths, have courage and determination, knowing all the while that you are doing the work of God and not your own.

My desire is that you will reach your goal, even more than you desire to do so, do not doubt this fact for it would sadden Me, I have invested all for love of you.

Discover early in life, for your life will be short, that to do God’s Will and not self-will, draws down from Heaven an abundance of indispensable graces.

Thus you find happiness here and now, no matter the circumstances, for I will carry your heaviest burdens.

You were made for Me, all other seeking is in vain, and will cause only defeat and loneliness, you have brothers and sisters remain united with them.

Live in the Truth and do not accept the lies being perpetrated against you by the evil one who constantly plots for your destruction.

Prepare now to gain greater merits that will obtain for you in Heaven rewards for faithful service all done in obedience.

Trust in the One Who truly knows and loves you, for I love you just the way you are but I desire your perfection, I already see you in completed holiness.

I am your Sculptor, yield to My loving chisel and hammer, others will not understand how you can be so happy even as you undergo the misery of this transformation.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


2017-05-10                                                                               INRI

You will find that where there is even one person with My Holy Spirit, there is freedom among you.

Receptive souls receive more of the radiant light, this makes a person’s heart repentant and bathed in tears.

Immediately, this does alert My Divine Mercy to act, so attracted is My Heart to the sinner, that I am eager to pour down from Heaven every grace for his salvation.

My Mother Mary calls upon Her chosen ones to spread the graces that will draw each soul to Me, Her Son.

I seek troubled individuals of earth, poor ailing humanity, the person who loses all hope is in dire darkness, because he cannot see with the eyes of faith.

My Sacrifice offered the necessary satisfaction to My Father, but you must also do the same, offering whatever sacrifices that may present themselves, that is in your ability and accessibility.

Thus you participate in My work of Redemption.

Without sacrifice there is no progress made, pious souls must participate in more than mere devotions to acquire their reward in Heaven.

Just as I received and shared My Humanity with Divinity, you also will share My Divinity with your humanity, for a greater merit in your Eternal Salvation.

Those of you who are mothers I bless you, for you will populate My Kingdom, filling the places that were vacated by the fallen angels.

Pray daily for more repentance and gratitude among souls, for soon the time of this special grace period will be closed, leaving chastisement as an unavoidable solution.

Make additional efforts to pray for the forgiveness of those souls who are far from Me, they neither are conscious of their sins nor are they remorseful.

My Holy Spirit will be very active in the world because of the severe state in which the world has descended, I seek generous ones among you to intercede for many who will otherwise be swept away.