Wednesday, December 30, 2015


2015-12-30                                                                                     INRI

What I desire is to set the world on fire with the Holy Spirit's love, burning in each heart.

If each of you becomes a spark of that fire, it shall be in readiness for My coming.

Will the world welcome Me in Faith, with open arms, with love for each other, since selfishness is rampant among those who claim to be My followers, My Image has been tarnished indeed.

Globally there is much turmoil, war and destruction, I do not need to enlighten you to this fact, but I would like to alert you to what the media has not made news worthy and that is to the good in the world.

There are many faithful followers, that are reaching out to serve the needs of the poor and destitute, through prayer you unite with them to form a coalition for God and for good.

There is nothing that is more important in your life than having a relationship with Me, you need My Spirit living within you, directing and inspiring your actions daily.

You cannot say that you believe in God and do nothing, to believe means to act.

Daily you must surrender your will to Mine and go out seeking the poor, who are materially poor and or spiritually poor, even wealthy people may be in great poverty.

Do you seek the courage, are you afraid of what might or might not happen, I empower you as I did My cowering Apostles after My death, with the strength, determination and zeal to conquer their inhibitions.

I am Lord of weekdays not only of Sundays, I am Lord of the dark days as well as sunny days, what is your need, wherever your lack in life, I am ready to help you, I want to equip you for the things that will bring you peace and joy.

Pray, pray with your Holy Mother Mary, again She was with the Apostles preparing them to receive the Holy Spirit, the fire to set their hearts on fire to witness in the world, and thus you have believed because of them.

You cannot know even what is in your next minutes, but with Me you are a powerhouse ready for anything that Satan may hurl in your direction, for you battle against him daily.

As a plane would need lights along a runway to land, I when it is time for My return to earth, I dearly would love to see your lights burning, hearts on fire for love of Me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


2015-12-16                                                                                   INRI

If you would seek peace in your life, trust in Me.

In order to trust you must be willing to surrender your life in each and every circumstance, doing My Will and not your own will give the peace you desperately want and need.

You may desire to hear from Me concerning what it is that I am wanting you to do, listen as you pray and allow Me to speak to you, I will indeed speak for this is My Will for you.

Some people do all the talking, really not expecting to hear anything from Me, while others who have heard Me either ignore what I have said as being from their own thoughts, or flatly refuse to obey.

What I may ask of you is not always according to your plans or desires, but if you would do what I ask, you will benefit from the Wisdom therein.

Yes, I see your future and know you better than you know even yourself, and My ultimate aim in the end is that you join Me in Heaven when your life on earth is over.

What I may ask of you may be inconvenient at the present time or unpleasant for you in the task at hand but in trusting that I have your best interests in mind, you will profit and others as well.

Knowing that My Will is being done, you learn slowly to trust My voice more and more, nothing is impossible even as it may seem so, for the realm of miracles is at My timing and discretion.

Allow Me to use you, I want your permission to work great deeds of power among My people who are in such need, this is a time of persecution and trial that I want to counter with Faith, trust and courage.

I am lavishing My love upon you, freeing you from every kind of fear and trepidation.

I will bring you to the Cross, do not look to avoid suffering but seek to unite it with Mine, joyfully and willingly given for My Heart's intentions.

It is here that all will join you in the song of jubilant praise, for all are surrendered to My Will in the Church Triumphant, the Church Militant, and the Church Suffering in Purgatory.

Forming My Body on earth, those who have surrendered their lives to Me reap the promised peace, they live with joy and freedom even in the midst of the darkness that is ever increasing. 

You will not be overwhelmed by the world's great efforts to diminish and to destroy My Laws even as they disregard Me completely, relativism is rampant in the evil one's treachery to deceive all.

I am still in control, I am the Creator that all depend on for their very next breath, though they overlook this very fact, those who do put their trust in Me will be rewarded even here and now as peace reigns in them their hearts are Mine forever.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


2015-12-10                                                                         INRI

Upon receiving the Holy Spirit, you were given a special gift, each of you is to use your gift and not allow it to be unused, remain dormant, buried or even refused and unopened in unbelief.

Remember the parable of the talents, no one was overlooked and not given a gift which because of their ability, I had especially chosen for him, I had a plan that I wished to be fulfilled.

In this gift or many gifts, you are being made able to serve your God and your brothers and sisters, this is not primarily a gift for you, it is for the benefit of all.

Others in turn serve Me as well and serve you, this is the way of unity in My Body on earth.

All is being formulated for unity, this should give you joy as you use what is both satisfying and fulfilling to each individual as they serve.

You will have an active role as you forgive injustice done to you, and as you think of the needs of others before yourself.

My love within you, allows you to not hold grudges against another out of hurt pride and your gift shall be given to others not selfishly withheld, never will you be jealous of another's gifts.

Nor shall fear of failure enter your thoughts but calm be exhibited, for in forgetting yourself, your eyes see only My Will to be accomplished and fulfilled, for I am working in and through you.

Child, My love enfolds you, if you would only take the time to ask for My Spirit to breathe in you momentarily, peace and a realization of My closeness would be yours and tranquility ensue.

As I feed you with My very Self, you receive all of Me, you are overcoming sin daily and My life in you becomes more and more obvious.

Yes holiness in yourself becomes more visible to Heaven and to all around you, even as you are not aware of this transformation.

Humility allows you to view Me as the Greatness that I am, and the nothingness that you are, yet this does not dissuade you in anyway from complete and utter trust in My caring for you and your needs.

Because of your helplessness, I am your all in all, completely in control and I will provide for all your needs and lead you away from what is unnecessary and all that may harm you.

I will remove anything that either hinders or is useless to your Salvation and I will provide people in your life that will be both beneficial and necessary to your growth.

Your emotions may or may not be on board in any of what I am doing here, do not feel that because you do not become emotional when you think you should be, that I am not very near, only be concerned in being the most faithful follower that you can be.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


2015-12-03                                                    INRI

Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are Mine, these are My Words to each of you, devour them and repeat them often.

Keep Heaven your final destination always in your mind, then doing the Will of God will be what you will always do.

I have desired closeness and intimacy with you, that I might whisper the longings of My Heart and to also hear your hopes and dreams, do not use words that have no meaning to you or to Me.

Out of love and in your best interests, I allow you to receive some criticism, some affirmation, some suffering and some joy, this makes for a well rounded individual, that I may use.

In all of this you unite with Me and receive grace that the world also receives as being in My Body.

Nourished, strengthened and fortified, I enable you to accomplish what needs to be changed in your life, and the things that need to be remedied.

I am looking for My Image to be made visible in you, in a world that only broadcasts bad news, a world that needs to be reminded of the Good News, for this I have called you out of the darkness into the Light.

Many have only darkness in their lives and need gentleness, hope and love shown to them, in order to continue and not give into despair.

No one is exempt from My using them, even those who are sick in bed have a mission and are not deemed of no use to Me.

My chosen disciples are the ones who, sensitive to the awakening of their hearts, allow Me to minister love and compassion to a hurting individual through them.

Poor and lonely they have been overlooked and passed by, a sense of loss has covered the once sparkle in their eyes, I have come now to renew the face of the earth, will you help Me?

I ask only that you be obedient to My Commandment, love as I have loved you, free of fear, or any thought for yourself, you will proceed full of joy and filled with the Holy Spirit.

You can do nothing without Me, but you are not without power, all I need is your “yes”.

With your willingness, I may then utilize My Angels and Saints to answer the prayers that are constantly presented to Me.

The world will know that you are My disciples, Christians, by your love for one another, the visible face of the invisible God. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


2015-11-25                                                         INRI                          

Today have you read My Word and not cherished a single line or word, has nothing spoken to
you, have you not understood the meaning and depth of the longing of My Heart?

You will have decisions to make today and everyday, sometimes small and at other times
significant and important life changing ones.

Without the help of the Holy Spirit you will not make an informed and right judgment that you
require, ask Him and the problem at hand becomes clear in what is needed.

Humility is essential in approaching Me, you see your wretchedness and thus are able to see
your sins, yet you are not discouraged or envious of others success.

Here I am able to lead you into the Truth and meaning of the very longing of your heart and to
correct anything that is causing you to travel down paths that do not further your true goal in

Come and rest at My feet, gaze lovingly without calculating what your next move should be or
what you should do, just listen, I am teaching you.

I will place in your heart the Words that you are needing at this time in your life, they are
freeing and will bring to you tranquil consolations.

Slowly you will repeat these Words and savor them as a soothing balm to heal and forgive
and cause you to know without a doubt My love for you.

These Words of endearment are from Me, they are alive and are meant to increase your love
for Me.

Your life will swiftly run its course but these Words of Mine will be to you a means to attain
what you most desire in your life.

Do you desire anything apart from Me child, if so recognize now at this time that I will give you
at the end of your life what you most desire.

Rest now with Me until such time that your heart burns within you, allow Me to reveal Truths
that would otherwise not be known to you, which would greatly improve our relationship.

Look now through different eyes, eyes that see all of creation as I called it into being, all
beauty and goodness that would be welling up into thanksgiving because of love.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


2015-11-19                                                           INRI

The road upon which I am leading you is narrow, full of hardships and trials, not many care to journey it, for it requires a dying to self and a love of others.

If you will follow Me, I will make it worth your while, it will be what those who follow their own designs will never know or achieve for I am your Creator and the Lover of your soul.

Indeed you must seek Me and I will lead you in this way, for you will follow in My Footsteps, I go before you.

I have given you companions, firstly a Guardian Angel who has been with you even at your conception, and who will never leave you, I give you faithful friends, who are there when encouragement is needed, and most of all at the Cross, I gave you My Blessed Mother and you to Her.

The Saints that have gone on before you also are advantageous in interceding and helping in ways that you can use as you read their lives and how in the end success in holiness was achieved.  

From Heaven they help the sinner readily gaining the graces needed from God Whom they see now, until you yourselves will be able to be there by their assistance.

Repentance of sin must lead to a change of life, without this determination, one continues to fall repeatedly into the same faults and weaknesses, that Supernatural Grace supplies in order to overcome.

Prayer brings you into a relationship with Me, one which I desire for each of you, soon it progresses into a peace and joy that is not altered nor diminished by either suffering or by consolations.

It will not matter to you what your current circumstances are from moment to moment, for in My Arms you feel My presence, your satisfaction is complete.

Prayer is the means by which to enter and remain in this realm of union with Me, at times you cannot but sing out for joy, song wells up within you and you cannot contain it.

Truly I tell you, it is My joy within you that overflows your heart and fills your whole being, sing out child for it glorifies and warms My very Heart.

Do not fear the terror that increases in your world today, I have made provision for you, only keep close and do not look to others for relief but only to Me, I am leading you step by step.

Trust and continue in communion with Me, I am your food for the journey and I remain ever vigilant, guarding you solicitously until you will be home.

As a mother loves her beloved child, dirty hands and face, she continues with greater love, as I love the sinner even more, I offer you water from My very side and Sacraments to cleanse you, come quickly I am waiting for you, do not delay.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


2015-11-11                                                                                        INRI

You are no longer slaves to sin but you are My friends, Whom I guard with an immense love.

And so as friends you are able to approach Me completely authentic and real in your thoughts and words to Me, allowing your feelings and doubts, hurts and accomplishments to be known.

Indeed, it is ironic that the closer you come to Me, the farther you will feel that you are from Me.

The Holy Spirit's light that illumines Truth in you, allows you to see exactly where you are in relation to where you should be, in humility now draw near.

The Truth, not as you would have it, but as it truly is the Truth will set you free, He will enlighten and rectify anything that must be corrected in your life.

Therefore humility will be the foundation of our new relationship that is being formed in order to recreate you into My Image, which at times may be experienced as quite painful in the process.

I have in My eternal viewing, the person you will eventually become, thus you are to thank Me at all times for whatever circumstances you may find yourselves in, for I use all these methods to accomplish this goal.

Where sin once abounded, now grace abounds all the more and I rejoice and all of Heaven as well each time that a sinner is converted or even as you overcome one more weakness, I am as a proud parent over a child's accomplishment.

My Will you must seek more fervently now as these days of darkness are threatening to swallow more and more of My faithful followers who are distracted in the small things of life.

I have placed each of you upon My Shoulders, I carry you and together we are bounding upon the hills to greater and more lofty heights, do not fear little ones to fly with Me.

Reject worry, do not accept the whisperings of the evil one, who will try to convince you of My absence or that I am distant, this is his means of infilling your mind with doubts and fear.

My Grace has saved you, claim our friendship and gift of Faith as your own, therefore see the good that needs to be done today.

Never forget My presence in you, it will spur you on to greater achievements, it is your eyes through which I gaze upon My world, be My Hands that serve your neighbor.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


2015-11-04                                                                       INRI

Care for one another, and assist in saving as many souls as the Father is calling to Himself, before the time of My return has come.

Out of love and in order to do good works, for there are many needing your prayers, but first you yourselves must be strengthened in Me through the Eucharist.

My people hunger for the compassionate touch of friend or a caring individual, who with the warmth of  My love offer to shoulder some of their burden even if only to listen.

Each day come to the Cross and empty yourselves before Me, here is the place where I will be able to fill you with My love, in order that you may serve.

For without My filling you with My love, you will have nothing to give as needed, I empower you to be that reservoir without any imposition to your spirit.

I prepare you in advance and at the same time, I prepare the person in need for the meeting, which at times may be unexpected to both of you, precarious perhaps.

You are not to become anxious or to feel trepidation regarding your encounters, for they are your brothers and sisters though some may be strangers, I want to be free to work through you.

Receive now My peace that surpasses all understanding, it will be as a soothing balm for you and it will transfer to others as you minister in My Name.

I will give each of you service gifts, understanding and insight into situations, knowledge that will not be known otherwise, words of Wisdom and many varied gifts that will be necessary, receive them with thanksgiving and joy.

It will benefit you to use the language gift of the Holy Spirit, these are His words to you and inspired words to Him as He ministers to your spirit.

Use what I am giving and ask Me to reveal the root of the problem, then will the healing truly begin.

I can heal without your input, but it is My desire to use you and it will give you a satisfaction and joy that you would not otherwise experience.

I may heal you in the process and give you what you were not even aware you needed, in order that greater graces may flow to My people in readiness of My return.

Many people remain unresponsive to My call, they need to hear from you the words of My love for them, for they are basically unprepared for anything that has been foretold throughout Scripture.

They are not aware that what they suffer and the problems that ensue may be the very vehicles that draw them to Me, their Savior and their Lord.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


2015-10-29                                                              INRI

Your time on earth will be a time of testing, yes I leave the ninety nine in search of the lost one, but I invite you to not be idle but to seek to be perfected.

You are Mine and I would never leave you, anything that is happening in your life or will happen to you, I am allowing.

Therefore, how have you responded to someone who maybe has falsely accused you and taken you to court, or perhaps someone asks to borrow a thing you value highly, or has someone taken advantage of your good nature and kindness and abused this privilege?

You will be tested individually in an area where you may be most vulnerable, how else will impurities be purified.

What I have begun to perfect in you in this life will be continued in the next, that is if you have striven to live for God in the present, so in the future will it come to perfection in Heaven.

To fear Me is to have proper respect and recognition for all that I have accomplished for you and for all the world.

I am all about perfecting you and the sooner that you begin to cooperate with Me, to get with the program, will benefit you more now, because of the tremendous grace being poured out at this time before your death.

My love for you never depletes, in fact the greater the sinner, the more intense My seeking them with urgent fervency.

I seek the aid of My faithful followers, the ninety nine when arranging the times and circumstances that are crucial to a person's conversion, here is when you shine, My dear ones.

You will be like the stars that shine brightly in the darkness of night, even during those times when you feel alone in your believing Faith, I will be there in you bolstering every word and gesture of love.

This will give you the courage needed to complete your mission, though it was never your idea or did you intend what was My plan all along.

Only as you permit Me to use you, will I allow the unfolding of the saving efforts you and I together, united to give just one more soul all that has been prepared for all eternity.

As you listen attentively to what I say, and cooperate with the Holy Spirit Who has been granted to you, you will witness miracles of every kind, your joy increasing and peace dwelling in your hearts.

If at any time fear should enter and cause you alarm, take authority over it immediately in My Name, call upon Me and it will disappear, take advantage of this privilege as Children of God.                                                                                  

Thursday, October 22, 2015


2015-10-22                                                              INRI

Your life on earth is more significant, more than any of you realize, important not only for your sake but also for all those you hold dear.

The graces that you receive benefit all, for it was My Father's plan from the very beginning that you would be united in love of God and one another.

Therefore it is not My intention at this time to flatter nor discourage any who place their lives, that is those who have surrendered to Me all, in order that the Will of God flow freely in them.

You will indeed suffer persecution for your belief in Me, make your decision now, if you had not considered this fact, you must uphold what has been given to you in Holy Scripture, do not deny Me.

If it is to be your calling to be martyred, all the graces and timely courage, even greater than you can now perceive, will be given to you, do not fret over this privilege if you have been especially chosen.

You need not have any fear, peace is to reign in all hearts even now and in the midst of the chastisements yet to come, I have been preparing each of you for whatever is your lot.

Giving yourselves over to anxiety, worry and fear dishonors Me, showing mistrust and unbelief in My ability to give what is needed, My grace is and will be sufficient for you at all times.

In your hearts, where I am working to build a fortress of trust, security and great Faith, now in advance being constructed in perfect timing all for the Glory of God.

From your very beginning, have I not gifted you with Faith in Me, have I not gifted you with a Mother Who guides and loves each of you with Mercy and Compassion?

The Queen of Peace, Mother of Mercy, already enjoys Heaven and all it's privileges, thus you are granted the benefits befitting you as Her children.

Who would squander this precious time given you on earth, in order to prepare you for your final destination, be it with Me in eternal glory or to the place prepared for those against God and all He stands for.

Your every prayer is heard, but I alone read hearts, your pain and disappointments, failures and achievements, I desire to live and move and have My Being in you, even now in your blindness and deafness, holding you ever near.

There is no obstacle that I will not move in order that I gain for you the desire of My Heart, and that is that I be the desire of your heart.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


2015-10-14                                                                             INRI

It is not enough for you to hold Christian values, and to know the words of Scripture, I am a living reality, a person and I long that you have a relationship with Me.

As you make Me the center, that is when you give Me first place in your life and serve selflessly, I introduce you to My Father and yours.

For He is your Father and He has given Me the work of reconciling the world to Him.

With the Holy Spirit the Father and I are united as One, you, as you lovingly live in Me receive sonship and thus enjoy divine nature with Us.

Come close to Me in a relationship, which through the Sacraments, adoration and prayer draws you ever closer, speak to Me as you would to someone that you dearly love, I am pleased to receive alwaysyour heartfelt prayer.

At this time in history, you are in an Age where I am in the process of putting the whole world in subjection to the Father's Will.

When this has been fully accomplished a new Age in which all will live totally as I lovingly enjoyed from the beginning in peace and security will exist.

There you and I will co-exist, but in order to hasten this arrangement, pride must be abolished, crushed and rendered nonexistent.

Some have believed in themselves in the way that they live, ignoring God as if in their own doing, their good works being their saving grace, would reap all that they desire, Heaven in the end.

I introduce you to the Father as He introduces Me to you, He has been promoting Me in His Words “this is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased, and this is My Son the Beloved, listen to Him”, We are united in love.

It has always been the plan of the Father that each of you become one with the Trinity as sons and daughters and so inherit the Kingdom.

Be submissive therefore, and follow Me in obedience, not deciding on your own who is worthy or unworthy of your love and serving, I only did the Father's Will and nothing on My Own.

I delighted in the little children who came willingly to Me, their mother's wanting Me to bless them, but society at that time did not account them worthy of My attention.

If you will quench pride in your life, this will greatly assist in the holiness that I wish for you, the saving work the Father wishes to be accomplished in the world must begin with those closest to Me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


2015-10-07                                                                                  INRI

I came to earth initially for the sake of man, for his salvation and to establish My Church.

You are My Bride and I am your Bridegroom, together we are one.

Do not flaunt this fact, as a bride would not do so who is worthy, but in humility point only to your Bridegroom and Him crucified.

Have I not told you that I would exalt the humble, humble those who exalt themselves?

Yield instead to the Holy Spirit's leading, for He will lead you to power and assemblage as you glorify your Savior.

I came in lowliness and suffering, this is how My Church must reflect Me as the progression excels.

Unite with Me, you who are My Bride the Church, individually you must humble yourselves daily.

Look to those who have gone before you, see how their lives having been transformed, and some of them martyred have laid the foundation upon which you enjoy the richness in Truth of the Church.

You have never been left orphaned, but in every way I have provided for your growth as citizens for the City of God, saints in the making.

Let your trust in Me and abundant joy be your shield, never succumb to distress nor are you to accept fear that would render you incapable of serving your brothers and sisters.

Acknowledge My presence and your joy ascends to praise and worship, all that you require you ask in My Name and My Father is glorified.

Do you need patience, do you lack the grace to love all, does your ability to forgive others allude you, whatever is your need, come to Me I am waiting to respond most abundantly to all your needs.

I want to adorn you My Bride with gifts daily, to surprise you when you least expect it, to brighten a day that may be less than glorious for you, I send a bird to serenade you, a rainbow to delight your eyes and possibly a suffering that you may identify with Me.

Each of you make up My Church, My Bride that I am preparing for the final consummation.

I am pleased with what I have wrought, keep your eyes on Me especially in these times when life seems to be in a great upheaval and many are concerned over their very lives and that of their families.

Friday, October 2, 2015


2015-10-01                                                          INRI

I am coming before the final judgment day, in order that all may have the opportunity for conversion and not condemnationbut to turn their lives around and be forgiven.

Everyone over the age of reason will have an illumination of conscience, you will view your past good and bad, nothing will be hidden even your motives.

You will see yourself as I see you, and will be given the opportunity to choose to ask pardon and forgiveness and be reconciled.

Each Eucharist is feeding you to see more clearly the Truth in which you must be living, because I am your Merciful God, I desire your conversion at each passing moment.

The New Kingdom that I have prepared for you, and it is your right to be there as adopted sons and daughters of God, will be a combination of Heaven and Earth where I will reign as your King. 

You will know the full Truth which at the present time has been obscured to you, therefore sin has dominated your life, then with transformed hearts, you will live in love and peace with each other.

There will be no more hunger or pain for I am your healer and provider, I will walk along side of you as your Lord and King for 1000 years.

But be aware after your illumination, there will be Satan in all his tactics trying to deceive as many as he can that it is hopeless and to enjoy life today for that is all there is, what lies, what deception.

Even those in whom you trust may be victim to these ways of false leading, thinking all the while that it is the right way. 

You were meant to glorify God the Father, through His Son in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Remain ever near to your Heavenly Mother during these times of uncertainty and calamity, She now and has always interceded for Her children, leading them to Her Son.

The time of My coming draws ever nearer by the day, and some even now are not sufficiently convinced that there really is a God, a God Who really loves them, you will be sent to those in need.

At the awakening some will be in deep sorrow and fall to their knees, begging for forgiveness, but others having seen themselves, in hopelessness and horror will die of shock.

Prepare now before I come, My faithful ones so that at that time you and I may rejoice together, as I come to each of you privately in mystical revelation.

I will show you the grace filled state of your soul, the soul that has been prepared to share this new life joyfully praising the God Whom you've long awaited.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


2015-09-24                                                              INRI

I am preparing you with all diligence to be the inhabitants of the New Jerusalem, for all that you do here and now will benefit all your family and loved ones.

Indeed when the Scriptures were being written, they were written through the Spirit for you at this time, do not doubt this for I speak to you through each Divinely appointed Word.

There should never be any sadness in you at any moment, watch for any sign of this and rebuke it in My Name, for you have been crucified with Me and I now live in you, I live in the joy of Heaven and so must you.

Walk in newness of life, not as a people doomed but people of the light and of love, be the ones who believe that I have overcome death.

Choose to live life according to My Will in all circumstances, having Scripture in hand and the Word always on your lips.

There is nothing in your life that does not involve Me, for I have orchestrated your day, begin now to think in unity, oneness of community no longer as individuals.

I have desired that all you think, say and do would glorify Me as you cooperate with the Spirit breathing in you.

With praise and thanksgiving ever on your lips, go throughout your day avoiding as much as possible every evil obstacle that may present itself, remembering My presence you will then prevail.

Be good to one another and through My Merciful Heart living in you serve them, serve them as if you were serving Me.

While you are still able to do so openly, wear the cross of your Salvation, never be ashamed to proclaim your love for Me, this symbol of your love speaks loudly to all who see you.

Be in the practice of forgetting yourself, you will be able to facilitate this more and more as you keep your eyes on Me, for I am all about the other even as I am with you.

For you to be about doing My Will in all things is of the utmost importance, for nothing else matters, I accept your offering of self, as you do your best to please Me.

Each morning brings a new opportunity for you to offer Me your life in the service of others in order that you may glorify Me.

Yes, nothing will be wasted during your earthly pilgrimage as you persevere in doing your best to follow in My footsteps, for I will always lead you in the best possible way for all concerned.

Be steadfast and never look back, for what I have promised I will surely bring to pass for all good proceeds from My Merciful and Loving Heart.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


2015-09-18                                                                  INRI

People of the Truth, walk now with your heads held high, I am with you.

You will not be ashamed, even as they slay you for My sake, glorious is your reward.

You will not cower beneath the accusations that assail you, your faith ever strong and being strengthened all the more by My Spirit.

A testament to your God, you behold the Angels of Heaven lifting your spirit on high.

There is no shame in the suffering upon the earth, where My own Blood has already washed you clean and given you salvation.

Go in peace as those you leave behind are empowered and encouraged by your great Faith that has never failed you.


2015-09-16                                                                        INRI

Are you prepared should I call you home today, many do not consider their destiny until it is too late.

In the stillness of your heart and mind seek God alone.

Many are burdened by what lies behind, make your peace with Me and leave it there.

You will be lead by the Holy Spirit into inner freedom, into further union with God as you seek it.

Are you concerned with many things in your life, things you have no control over, yet you carry this load constantly as if you could change circumstances as you say “if only this or that were different”.

My Word is Spirit and Life, here you will find solutions for an ailing world of problems, solace in the grief that saddens you and keeps you from the joy I've planned.

When you have finally reached your eternity with Me, I will give you a new name.

In fact even now I am forming you in that name, you are being transformed into My Image.

You are all My bride, who are being adorned with jewels which will be your virtues and gifts fit for the Kingdom.

Most of all love will enfold you as arms comforting a beloved child, Mother Mary Who is always with you is teaching and guiding you as you remain in Her care.

Receive My Peace, My Shalom which is greater than the world could ever give or know, realize that what I am offering you is so much more valuable than any riches or possessions.

No one could ever anticipate what I have in store for the ones who remain in My love, who are making themselves available to serve Me.

Yes, I wish to advise in Wisdom all that you do, at times I may even send you a message for another, it may be a simple word or two, I may request a loving gesture, that you deliver to someone, perhaps a smile or a hug.

You will not predict whom I have prepared in advance, this could be a moment in time that person's conversion, either begun or instantaneously transformed.

Can you not see that what you do in the here and now will be followed by the hereafter, what you do now matters.

Are you Mine, do you seek more, this is the reason I gave My life for you, that someday and it could be soon, that you would spend eternity with Me.