Wednesday, December 16, 2015


2015-12-16                                                                                   INRI

If you would seek peace in your life, trust in Me.

In order to trust you must be willing to surrender your life in each and every circumstance, doing My Will and not your own will give the peace you desperately want and need.

You may desire to hear from Me concerning what it is that I am wanting you to do, listen as you pray and allow Me to speak to you, I will indeed speak for this is My Will for you.

Some people do all the talking, really not expecting to hear anything from Me, while others who have heard Me either ignore what I have said as being from their own thoughts, or flatly refuse to obey.

What I may ask of you is not always according to your plans or desires, but if you would do what I ask, you will benefit from the Wisdom therein.

Yes, I see your future and know you better than you know even yourself, and My ultimate aim in the end is that you join Me in Heaven when your life on earth is over.

What I may ask of you may be inconvenient at the present time or unpleasant for you in the task at hand but in trusting that I have your best interests in mind, you will profit and others as well.

Knowing that My Will is being done, you learn slowly to trust My voice more and more, nothing is impossible even as it may seem so, for the realm of miracles is at My timing and discretion.

Allow Me to use you, I want your permission to work great deeds of power among My people who are in such need, this is a time of persecution and trial that I want to counter with Faith, trust and courage.

I am lavishing My love upon you, freeing you from every kind of fear and trepidation.

I will bring you to the Cross, do not look to avoid suffering but seek to unite it with Mine, joyfully and willingly given for My Heart's intentions.

It is here that all will join you in the song of jubilant praise, for all are surrendered to My Will in the Church Triumphant, the Church Militant, and the Church Suffering in Purgatory.

Forming My Body on earth, those who have surrendered their lives to Me reap the promised peace, they live with joy and freedom even in the midst of the darkness that is ever increasing. 

You will not be overwhelmed by the world's great efforts to diminish and to destroy My Laws even as they disregard Me completely, relativism is rampant in the evil one's treachery to deceive all.

I am still in control, I am the Creator that all depend on for their very next breath, though they overlook this very fact, those who do put their trust in Me will be rewarded even here and now as peace reigns in them their hearts are Mine forever.

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