Wednesday, December 30, 2015


2015-12-30                                                                                     INRI

What I desire is to set the world on fire with the Holy Spirit's love, burning in each heart.

If each of you becomes a spark of that fire, it shall be in readiness for My coming.

Will the world welcome Me in Faith, with open arms, with love for each other, since selfishness is rampant among those who claim to be My followers, My Image has been tarnished indeed.

Globally there is much turmoil, war and destruction, I do not need to enlighten you to this fact, but I would like to alert you to what the media has not made news worthy and that is to the good in the world.

There are many faithful followers, that are reaching out to serve the needs of the poor and destitute, through prayer you unite with them to form a coalition for God and for good.

There is nothing that is more important in your life than having a relationship with Me, you need My Spirit living within you, directing and inspiring your actions daily.

You cannot say that you believe in God and do nothing, to believe means to act.

Daily you must surrender your will to Mine and go out seeking the poor, who are materially poor and or spiritually poor, even wealthy people may be in great poverty.

Do you seek the courage, are you afraid of what might or might not happen, I empower you as I did My cowering Apostles after My death, with the strength, determination and zeal to conquer their inhibitions.

I am Lord of weekdays not only of Sundays, I am Lord of the dark days as well as sunny days, what is your need, wherever your lack in life, I am ready to help you, I want to equip you for the things that will bring you peace and joy.

Pray, pray with your Holy Mother Mary, again She was with the Apostles preparing them to receive the Holy Spirit, the fire to set their hearts on fire to witness in the world, and thus you have believed because of them.

You cannot know even what is in your next minutes, but with Me you are a powerhouse ready for anything that Satan may hurl in your direction, for you battle against him daily.

As a plane would need lights along a runway to land, I when it is time for My return to earth, I dearly would love to see your lights burning, hearts on fire for love of Me.

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jasper said...

In the "mystery of the Living Love"...... As given to a French woman called Marie Benoit Angot...... The Lord uses the exact same image of lights on a runway waiting for The Lord to come.
She is a French mystic and The Lord has started the Consecrated laity through her. Now she would be about the same age as father Sam.