Thursday, December 10, 2015


2015-12-10                                                                         INRI

Upon receiving the Holy Spirit, you were given a special gift, each of you is to use your gift and not allow it to be unused, remain dormant, buried or even refused and unopened in unbelief.

Remember the parable of the talents, no one was overlooked and not given a gift which because of their ability, I had especially chosen for him, I had a plan that I wished to be fulfilled.

In this gift or many gifts, you are being made able to serve your God and your brothers and sisters, this is not primarily a gift for you, it is for the benefit of all.

Others in turn serve Me as well and serve you, this is the way of unity in My Body on earth.

All is being formulated for unity, this should give you joy as you use what is both satisfying and fulfilling to each individual as they serve.

You will have an active role as you forgive injustice done to you, and as you think of the needs of others before yourself.

My love within you, allows you to not hold grudges against another out of hurt pride and your gift shall be given to others not selfishly withheld, never will you be jealous of another's gifts.

Nor shall fear of failure enter your thoughts but calm be exhibited, for in forgetting yourself, your eyes see only My Will to be accomplished and fulfilled, for I am working in and through you.

Child, My love enfolds you, if you would only take the time to ask for My Spirit to breathe in you momentarily, peace and a realization of My closeness would be yours and tranquility ensue.

As I feed you with My very Self, you receive all of Me, you are overcoming sin daily and My life in you becomes more and more obvious.

Yes holiness in yourself becomes more visible to Heaven and to all around you, even as you are not aware of this transformation.

Humility allows you to view Me as the Greatness that I am, and the nothingness that you are, yet this does not dissuade you in anyway from complete and utter trust in My caring for you and your needs.

Because of your helplessness, I am your all in all, completely in control and I will provide for all your needs and lead you away from what is unnecessary and all that may harm you.

I will remove anything that either hinders or is useless to your Salvation and I will provide people in your life that will be both beneficial and necessary to your growth.

Your emotions may or may not be on board in any of what I am doing here, do not feel that because you do not become emotional when you think you should be, that I am not very near, only be concerned in being the most faithful follower that you can be.

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