Thursday, January 31, 2013



I have been raised up but My Mission to save souls has never ended, I continue My work through you.

Contingent on your availability to Me, your selfless fidelity to the cause of justice and mercy for My
people, allows for My greatest work to be done in the world.

Throughout your life I have been preparing you for this time of trial and purification of the earth.

You are to Me as kindling, which is ready but not yet ignited, this fire will spark into flame all the world.

With this light which you are to ignite also your brothers and sisters, the light of the Holy Spirit fire, you will be working in Me as I proceed with saving souls of the lost.
Through My Baptized people, My light will glow throughout the darkened night of the unsuspecting
world, soon to be overtaken by evil forces.

My Mission will be to extinguish the darkness, one light at a time, until all the earth is glowing.

You will play an all important role in My coming back, a Spiritual Coup like no other is at hand.

In yourself you have not the strength, but I am omnipotent and empower My chosen vessels with all
they need always and everywhere, greater am I than the one in the world.

You do not see Me, yet believe and I bless faith with courage, beyond anything that you may have
thought yourself capable of.

As the days progress, you will be feeling a great uneasiness, a feeling of foreboding, but do not be
alarmed, the evil one is being threatened by My presence in you.

Come to Me in prayer and allow peace to enfold you, always giving praise in the midst of trial.

I am with you in suffering and pain, the worst is the Spiritual battle that will rage within you as you serve others at My command and bidding.
Do not feel that I have abandoned you, unite with Me in this, I hung upon the Cross feeling forsaken, that I might at this time identify with you, look to Me.

The gift of discernment and healing, counseling and word gifts, along with many others, I will cause to become plentiful among you, who will be My shining lights in the darkened world.

You agonize for want of peace yet praise Me now in your hour of trial, soon I will return to take you to Myself.
I am ready to ignite you, with the fire of My Spirit, I must now be your greatest treasure, the things you valued yesterday, were no treasure at all, Wisdom has been given to you.


Thursday, January 24, 2013



Faith in God, is the gift I give to you, who have believed in Me through the faith of your ancestors before you.

I have caused your faith to increase by what you suffer and experience in daily life.

Nothing else can compare to the lessons and growth that are gained in these life experiences.

And so compassion is gained for others who suffer, and who have trials you can relate to, and thus is
born in you a humility where pride had been before.

In the prayers you have offered to Me, I have often delayed the answer, wanting the fulfillment to come from your neighbour, your family member or possibly a stranger.

In My Wisdom and Mercy, l have culminated repentance for sins and forgiven those offenses, giving you the peace you have long sought.

Inner peace can only be had through your true sorrow and desire to make amends.

Many are the gifts I provide for the purification that must come upon the world, a time when My
Remnant will be used in all boldness of Spirit.

This boldness will be born out of a faith that has been fortified out of necessity, for the world is headed for a chastisement and purification, that My Father will allow before the judgement.

And so as the need to save as many souls as possible is demanded of you, each of you in cooperation I say do not cower in fear, instead boldly venture toward your goal.

Paradise is awaiting you, yes but you will not enter alone, neither should you occupy your thoughts of
your own Salvation only.

Much work and sacrifice must be accomplished in the wake of those who follow you as you lead them to safety.

Look around you, many are being lulled into oblivion, as to what is happening regarding their faith,
which they've taken for granted, slowly it slips away from them.

It is as if sweets offered to them are satisfying their hunger, and the nutritious food God would have
them to eat, has been pushed aside and no longer valued as good, to sustain quality of life as I intended.

My Mother has been given permission to attend and guide you, but many have become complacent to Her messages and no longer adhere to them, We weep for Souls in jeopardy.

Awake to the faith, listen to My inspirations and do them, love for you compels Me to search for new
ways to awaken love within you.

Do not let this time of Mercy be wasted with things that will pass away. 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013



You are not yet ready to give everything to Me, each has a block, a stumbling stone, that hinders your
serving My Will completely.

Before you say to yourself ‘not me, I have given my life to you, I love you and would do anything for you’ there have been numerous times, when you chose to do your will instead of Mine.

You have chosen to disregard My law and in doing so have demonstrated pride instead, as you decided.

When you repent of self will, I bring you peace and forgiveness, which brings a grace that begins what I have been waiting to give you, freedom.
You are mostly unaware of this need, it may be something past or something that causes you fear, it
may be a worry that takes My place in your thoughts, during prayer times.

In order for My Holy Spirit to take control of your whole being, you must be surrendered in every way.

Whatever it is, that you allow Me to bring to the surface of your consciousness, I will show you that all along, you have lacked a total trust and confidence in Me, your God.
You have in your pride, trusted in your own ability and preferred to bury it, or ignore its presence.

Today, I want to give you freedom as a child of God, only in this way will you be able to serve Me
through the Holy Spirit’s inspirations.

When you are totally surrendered, you will find that whatever is asked of you, small or large as the
giving of your life as witness, that you will be able to do it.

But first, you must desire fully that this be done in your life, for the time draws near, when you will need to be victorious, in all that is required of you.
Your life is not your own, I paid the price of your freedom, claim it!

No one around you will be pressuring you to follow what I now am saying to you, for the world is bent on everyone doing things for self glorification.
But My Spirit within you is urging you and longing for the purification of your Souls, in order that the Father's Will be done upon the earth, which is soon to receive My Second Coming.
In quiet prayer, you will begin to see yourself in a new light, something that you've thought could never change in your life, I your Lord have long desired it.
I will increase your trust and confidence in Me through Scripture and by different, and well timed
circumstances that allow this victory in each of your lives.


Thursday, January 10, 2013



You who are now listening and envisioning Me, I came that you might have life unto the full.

Sin has robbed you of all that I had planned out of love for all humanity, burdening you with hardships.

But I have redeemed you, and each of you, if not already, will experience a moment of awakening to the Truth.

This is the moment when you know Whose you are and that you are greatly loved and treasured.

The evil one convinces many, that I do not exist and that I am a harsh and uncaring God.

But the Truth is that I humbled Myself to associate perfectly with you and all humanity.

I am a personal God who sees and cares about each breath, and thought, and every aspect of your lives.

My greatest joy will be to see you enjoy Paradise, which I formed for you for all eternity.

Some of My people are angry Souls, who without Me in their lives, hate everyone and all created things.

Hatred consumes them, and you My faithful servants, must inform them of My forgiving love, and that it is never too late, even to the last moment of their lives.

When they open the door of their hearts, I receive them, they feel love possibly for the first time in a
long time, and they experience a joy that transcends all sadness and pain.

All the hurt and the ways that others have let them down, has been put behind them and they are

You see, when I am given permission to take over a person's life, I do all the work that needs to be done, they need only cooperate and receive.
In the beginning, you are not able to do for yourself, what My Holy Spirit accomplishes within you.

Little by little, I allow Faith which was given to you in Baptism, to flex its muscle, so to speak, and you learn to be faithful in small things.

I will eventually call upon you to grow in courage, your efforts are essential, it doesn't just happen, and you will be strengthened for greater responsibility, each has a mission in life.

Many of you have endeared yourselves to the Blessed Mother, this was My heart's deepest longing at the Cross, when I gave Her to you, and She has been drawing you to Me more each day.

In the coming time that remains to you, follow Me and forgive those who will be opposing and
persecuting you, causing more hardships than you already endure.