Thursday, January 10, 2013



You who are now listening and envisioning Me, I came that you might have life unto the full.

Sin has robbed you of all that I had planned out of love for all humanity, burdening you with hardships.

But I have redeemed you, and each of you, if not already, will experience a moment of awakening to the Truth.

This is the moment when you know Whose you are and that you are greatly loved and treasured.

The evil one convinces many, that I do not exist and that I am a harsh and uncaring God.

But the Truth is that I humbled Myself to associate perfectly with you and all humanity.

I am a personal God who sees and cares about each breath, and thought, and every aspect of your lives.

My greatest joy will be to see you enjoy Paradise, which I formed for you for all eternity.

Some of My people are angry Souls, who without Me in their lives, hate everyone and all created things.

Hatred consumes them, and you My faithful servants, must inform them of My forgiving love, and that it is never too late, even to the last moment of their lives.

When they open the door of their hearts, I receive them, they feel love possibly for the first time in a
long time, and they experience a joy that transcends all sadness and pain.

All the hurt and the ways that others have let them down, has been put behind them and they are

You see, when I am given permission to take over a person's life, I do all the work that needs to be done, they need only cooperate and receive.
In the beginning, you are not able to do for yourself, what My Holy Spirit accomplishes within you.

Little by little, I allow Faith which was given to you in Baptism, to flex its muscle, so to speak, and you learn to be faithful in small things.

I will eventually call upon you to grow in courage, your efforts are essential, it doesn't just happen, and you will be strengthened for greater responsibility, each has a mission in life.

Many of you have endeared yourselves to the Blessed Mother, this was My heart's deepest longing at the Cross, when I gave Her to you, and She has been drawing you to Me more each day.

In the coming time that remains to you, follow Me and forgive those who will be opposing and
persecuting you, causing more hardships than you already endure. 


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