Wednesday, January 16, 2013



You are not yet ready to give everything to Me, each has a block, a stumbling stone, that hinders your
serving My Will completely.

Before you say to yourself ‘not me, I have given my life to you, I love you and would do anything for you’ there have been numerous times, when you chose to do your will instead of Mine.

You have chosen to disregard My law and in doing so have demonstrated pride instead, as you decided.

When you repent of self will, I bring you peace and forgiveness, which brings a grace that begins what I have been waiting to give you, freedom.
You are mostly unaware of this need, it may be something past or something that causes you fear, it
may be a worry that takes My place in your thoughts, during prayer times.

In order for My Holy Spirit to take control of your whole being, you must be surrendered in every way.

Whatever it is, that you allow Me to bring to the surface of your consciousness, I will show you that all along, you have lacked a total trust and confidence in Me, your God.
You have in your pride, trusted in your own ability and preferred to bury it, or ignore its presence.

Today, I want to give you freedom as a child of God, only in this way will you be able to serve Me
through the Holy Spirit’s inspirations.

When you are totally surrendered, you will find that whatever is asked of you, small or large as the
giving of your life as witness, that you will be able to do it.

But first, you must desire fully that this be done in your life, for the time draws near, when you will need to be victorious, in all that is required of you.
Your life is not your own, I paid the price of your freedom, claim it!

No one around you will be pressuring you to follow what I now am saying to you, for the world is bent on everyone doing things for self glorification.
But My Spirit within you is urging you and longing for the purification of your Souls, in order that the Father's Will be done upon the earth, which is soon to receive My Second Coming.
In quiet prayer, you will begin to see yourself in a new light, something that you've thought could never change in your life, I your Lord have long desired it.
I will increase your trust and confidence in Me through Scripture and by different, and well timed
circumstances that allow this victory in each of your lives.


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