Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prophecy Petrolia May 20, 2006

A Newer Prophecy - Same Call on Us

God is exceedingly good, and has a plan for the restoration of the Church, and His chosen people to Him, and to Him alone.  He loves all of us who have in one way or another been touched by divorce and abortion, two of the scourges of the earth, as much as He loves all of his children.

Let us heed his message to "Pray together, Love one another."
My children, I am calling you to a new beginning,
Listen carefully to my words.
Prepare yourself for the second coming,
The time of glory for my Church.

I will accompany you on your journey;
My Son is walking by your side.
He will heal the wounds of divorce and abortion
To build up his beloved Bride.

Again and again I have tried to tell you;
There are very many dangers.
Look towards my Son, my dear ones.
You are my friends, no longer strangers.

Assist your brothers and your sisters.
Walk in my light, build up your faith.
Traverse together, my sheep, my lambs,
And do it before it is too late.

My Holy Spirit is upon you,
But all too many do still resist
The love, the power that they could receive
By returning to the Eucharist.

My dearest one, help your lost ones;
They are to be reborn again to live.
Pray together, love one another.
I have so much more to give.

The world round you is in the most deepest darkness
(line missing)
You are the beginning of my new creation,
And I will give you so much more.

My child you are lookIng for an answer,
But there's no need for you to fear.
Don't underestimate my Love, my Power.
Your path is bright and very clear.

I will lead you and I will guide you.
Look for my signs, and soon you will see
That you are on the threshold of a new earth,
And many of my lost ones will come back to me.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prophecy in Ridgetown May 7, 2000

Restoration of the Bride

Our part in the restoration of Christ's bride, is found in the last line of the first stanza.  We must fast and pray and be reconciled to God.  Reconciliation is best achieved through the sacraments, particularly the grace of Confession, and the food which is the Eucharist.

The urgency of this prophecy is found in the Church of this very day, as much as a decade ago.  Let us turn our hearts to Him alone.
My Children, message after message I have given to you.
My signs are showing everywhere.
It is time that you take me more seriously.
Be reconciled, and turn to prayer and fasting.

So many have closed their hearts, their ears,
And there are thousands of souls to win.
Yet even in your very own churches
Evil forces are creeping in.

I look upon your towns, your cities.
I am filled with sorrow and I weep.
Why do they kill those who I have created?
I love my little lambs, but I mourn for my sheep.

Again and again I call to repentance,
But the world is lost in darkness and sin.
My dearest children, I have chosen you;
Show your love for Jesus, and lead others to Him.

I desire to lead you to a fullness
Even here now in this very place.
I am present to comfort and console you;
I know the difficulties that you face.

Put your hands in mine and let me lead you.
My first command is that you love one another.
I will give you strength through my Holy Spirit.
Go and heal the wounds of your searching brother.

I will restore my bride, my Church.
Your gifts not earned, I will release.
I will give you power to touch, to heal.
I will bring justice; I will bring peace.

Feel the urgency of this message;
This is the year of the jubilee.
I will give you joy, glory and the victory
Give yourselves unconditionally.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Prophecy at St. Michael's Ridgetown May 6, 2001

A Prophecy for the New Millennium

This is a prophecy from the Heart of God to all of his children, not just those in Ridgetown.  Though it is now a prophecy from 9 years ago, time means nothing to God.  It is fresh today as well.

As our beloved Pontiff is under attack, as is the Church, over the scourge that sexual abuse created in our very midst, we know that the victory is in Jesus Christ and that His Death and Resurrection which we prepare to celebrate this Holy Week was sufficient, and that our battle is not against the flesh and blood of those who would persecute the Church, but against the evil that is behind our persecutors.

Pray for Our Beloved Peter, and for all those who would seek to crucify him.
My dearest children, don't be afraid;
Give me the difficulties you face.
Cast all your burdens here upon me,
And I will show my healing grace.

I have come to set a new fire among you.
Perhaps my plan is still not clear,
But I am transforming the hearts of many
In this great millennium year.

Fight the darkness that is all around you.
Trust in your God, your guiding Light.
Through my Spirit and your sacrifices
My Church will again be unified.

Pray, be silent that you may hear my voice;
I will be giving you today
An abundant measure of my love, my power.
I have chosen you to prepare my way.

On the cross my Son redeemed you,
But so many have been failing.
You are exposed to this world's evil.
My human race is sick and ailing.

Over and over I have spoken to you
About my vision and what I have planned.
Grow deeper and deeper in my love
And walk with me daily hand in hand.

I am your joy, your hope, your life.
If you have me you have everything.
I am calling you to a new awakening.
Lift up my Son, your Lord and King.

My dearest children, turn to silence,
And obey the word I have given you today.
My Church is on the verge of a new springtime,
The dawning of a new day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where Else Can We Go?


I am gathering you in, into the refuge of My Heart.
There you will find unity, security and a time of solitude with Me, your heart’s desire.
Lose yourself in My companionship and whisper to Me your fears and doubts but most of all your faith and trust and thankfulness to Me.

You gain refreshment and rest, a time to gather your thoughts and consider times of failure.
I, in My closeness to you feel this fall as suffering in a Heart that loves you beyond your capability to comprehend.
Come now bowed down to your knees before Me and offer to Me your heartfelt sorrow.
I lift you up and walk now with you once again. I will tell you of our Father’s love and how He desires you to imitate Me, even in the midst of this darkened world in which you now live.

Be mindful of your true home and listen carefully to the Holy Spirit as He awakens you from the stupor the tepid ardour that has lulled you and taken you in.
Awake and realize where you are being led and where without your conscious will are headed wrongly.
I love you and grant great graces for your asking, do not ask for little I am generous to all Without exception.
My love bums flames to be given more and more abundantly.
Search ever deeper into the mysteries of your faith, for there you will always find Me.
O if only all would seek they would find and their needs and the desires they seek would be realized.
I understand your psyche more than you do, I know how to satisfy your deepest longings.

Enter into My sorrowful passion with Me and reap the rewards, the blessings I have prepared for you in advance.
Go now with peace and tranquility to meet those who are being made ready to receive My blessings through you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A 30 Year Old Prophecy Comes Around Again

A Call to Repentance

In this prophecy, God calls us not only to repentance, but to allow ourselves to be pruned and moulded by Him to be what He has called us to be, salt for the earth, and light for His people.
My children, I am calling you to repentance.
Show me an eagerness, like at the start.
Pray and let Mary intercede,
Seek a deep devotion to her Immaculate Heart.
I will show you compassion, I will forgive you.
Open your blinded eyes and see,
The things that tear you up are your very own afflictions.
Be honest with Me, love Me more deeply,
I will refresh, rekindle, rekindle you, over and over.
I did insist, you need food, you need nourishment,
Come often to my Eucharist.
Work together and build together.
Make Me part of your lives, as I am part of yours.
Trust in me My dear beloved.
This is not the time to try to divert.

My children, weigh the alternatives and make your decision.
Give my people life, for which they search.
Bring your hearts in tune with what your lips are saying,
So that my Spirit can move upon my church.
Pray and intercede for my flock, my people.
I know who is mine and who is not.
I will reveal all hidden darkness,
Nothing can be hidden from me your God.
I have a plan for your very lives.
You are my chosen race, my holy nation.
There can't be growth without labour or birth pains.
I will bring and make you my new creation.
I will not stop pruning, I will not stop moulding.
I must go down to the very root.
Trust in my my dearest children
And start building upon the truth.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Pentecost Prophecy from 1997

A Call from the Lord

This prophecy is not outdated at all, as God is not bound by time and space.  He is the same today as always, and this call is new again today.

The darkness that God is talking about is not present to the mortal eye, but to the eye of faith, and our disunity, lack of love and compassion for our brothers and sisters is the source of it.

Hear these words, and heed them so that we all may be one as He has called us to be.

I look upon your towns, your cities;
I see a deep darkness covering the earth.
Grow in love, compassion and unity,
And lead your brothers to this new birth.

Come to me daily in prayers and in silence;
Give me a place deep in your heart.
My Church is wounded, scattered;
Your gifts and power must increase.

Intercede, my dear ones, for my people;
Do not let your gifts be lost.
Healings and miracles will begin to happen
Just as on the very first Pentecost.

I have called on you again and again,
And I your God will not let go.
I will begin to deal with each one of you,
Got indeed it is time for you to grow.

So many take my love for granted;
Let today my voice be heard.
Grow in love; show a little more compassion,
And be obedient to this word.

The world around you is in turmoil and confision;
Even your own have lost their faith.
My dearest children, pay close attention;
You are on the verge of something great!

You are the pillars to uphold my Church;
Encourage one another, and restore.
Bind together, evangelize;
I want to give you SO MUCH MORE.

Lift up my Son, your Brother, Saviour;
This is the year to celebrate!
Gather the lost one, the wounded, the broken hearted;
Be bold, my children and step out in faith.

Great and exciting things are happening!
Open your hearts, your eyes, to see it.
You will be empowered by my Holy Spirit
And do great things as Jesus did.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Almost 30 Year Old Prophecy

To God a Day is But a Moment

I long ago learned that time means very little to God.  He is not bound by time and space.  He is, after all, the Lord of the Universe, and it bows to Him, not He to it.

The Lord calls us to PERSEVERANCE.  Wow, that is a challenge for me.  I don't know about you.  Perseverance is easy enough when the going it not too tough, though even then boredom sets in.  But, the Perseverance God called the readers of this word 30 years ago, is the same Perseverance that these words call us to today.  Those who have come at the later hour will still be rewarded by God for perseverance, but those who stepped it up in the earlier days of revival and call to faith, will reap an even greater reward.
My children . . .
For long I have been preparing you,
Difficult becomes the path and even heavier your task;
But I will bring growth and great conversion,
Persevere, and do what I ask.

Feel the need of binding together,
Know that I have a definite plan;
I will bring My work here to completion,
Please listen to the Son of Man.

I will not refuse anything to those who love Me,
Fill that place that I have set aside;
Comfort, console and support your Master,
Help me to renew and upbuild My Bride.

I see your pain, I know your heartache,
Imitate Jesus all the way;
Stand for Him and follow through,
Why did so many turn away?

Make a new commitment and submit to Me,
Go on, My dear ones, and spare no effort,
Don't look for excitement, why ask for miracles?
Seek first the will of Me, your Lord.

Take advantage tonight of these precious moments,
I have come to you live never before;
The walls around you will slowly crumble,
Yet, My Beloved One will stand forevermore.

Listen, My children, if you say you love Me,
Pick up your cross and share My pain;
The inexpressible agonies of My Son,
You must relive and watch and bear again.

For I will lead you through fire and water,
In a way you cannot understand;
I will bring to birth a church so alive and vibrant,
Head, My dear ones, to My plan.
Why did so many turn away?  Why do we all turn our backs on Our Lord and Saviour when we sin?  Why Lord are you so tolerant of our sinfulness?  We are a stiff necked people, Lord.  Loosen our stiffness, so we can follow in Your footsteps.

My View From The Cross


The hour is drawing late and you are still far from Me.

I come near to you and bless you with many different opportunities for you to repent and walk in newness of life with Me.

Even the sufferings you currently endure are signs of My great and faithful love.

Do you sometimes feel My closeness, the warmth of My breathe upon your cheek?

I long to transform your thoughts and actions, your loyalties and the things that matter most to you.

Be attentive to the souls I place within your care, even the passerby should feel that glow of warmth.

It is that you are radiating My love, perhaps not even consciously but with a heart very much united to Mine, very much wanting unity for My people.

Will you be a vessel, a representative of the future New Jerusalem, a foretaste of Heaven and the glory of God here on earth?

Your efforts to forget yourself for My sake I will reward in ways that cause happiness to well-up in you and lift your spirits to generous giving of time and energy.

This sense of being propelled leads itself to a freedom not felt but made unawares to you, only seen by others, who benefit from love shared.

Those who search for self-identity are not Mine.

I will show you who you are from the view of the cross.

Lifted high I see all from before creation, the ones called by My Father, called to serve as was I.

Follow Me in obedience as time as you know it grows near.

But you need not fear any of the coming disasters for I am your light and salvation, your helper in all your needs.

Why do you hesitate to trust with complete confidence?

You have a Mother, a Queen and Mistress to assist you in times of trouble. May all that you do be in imitation, for She will lead you all into the abode of My Most Sacred Heart.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Almost 30 Year Old Prophecy

It Still Applies

As I read this prophecy, from long ago, it seems new for today.  In truth, when God speaks, it is always new, and always old, fresh yet timeless.

As we read about the world of abortions and euthanasia, those of us who are guided by our faith, can see that the world is becoming a very cold place, and dark as well.
My children . . .
I have called you to a new beginning
From a world that has grown dark and cold;
Gently I have poured My Spirit upon you
As the dawning of a new age slowly unfolds.

Be yourselves, My dear beloved ones,
Make Me the centre of your lives;
I do accept you for what you are,
You are My hands, My feet and even My eyes.

And I will lead you into a deeper Sonship,
Please respond to My invitation;
Step by step, I will reveal to you
The boundless treasures of My salvation.

And I will mold you by your experiences,
And make you what I want you to be;
I will transform, renew, and heal you,
All I am asking is that you are open to Me.

Risk, develop, pray and research,
Follow me in deed and action;
Difficult is the path you have chosen,
Yet full of joy and satisfaction.

Be true to your commitment and learn from Me,
Perhaps you feel inadequate;
But I will shower you with many gifts,
My power is yours but you must desire it.

Unite your will more firmly with Mine,
I know your hearts, I see every thought;
Trust in Me My dearest childrenl
My graces cannot be demanded, earned, not bought.

Open your lives trustingly to Me,
I will lift you high and I will lay you low;
But know that it is in the valley of humility,
That my Spirit and my gifts more freely flow.

My love, My loyalty is far greater
Than you anxieties and fears of the past;
I will gather my people, I will unite my flock,
My Spirit is alive and moving fast.

God wants us to be ourselves, which sounds so simple.  Yet, in truth, we are not really ourselves.  Our hearts and minds have been conformed to the world we live in to some extent, if not totally.  That conformance to the world prevents us from being truly human.  In point of fact, there has only been one who walked the earth, and was fully human, fully in tune with the design of the Creator, Jesus God's only begotten Son.

Let us embrace these words.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prophecy for a New Year given on January 2, 2002

Gets You Thinking

This prophecy is over 8 years old, but is new today.  The last stanza is prophetic from then, but happening now.  There is a new spirit moving in God's people, but it is being slowed by the evil one, and those, including all of us because of our sinfulness, who get in the way from time to time, or even intend to so do.
My dearest child, you must not doubt Me.
You obviously know, and yet
You seem to struggle with a decision.
Don't be afraid with what lies ahead.

Pray for wisdom and understanding,
For many storms will come along.
I will sustain you with My love, My power.
I your God, will make you strong.

I will lift the darkness, break the barriers
That threaten and do stifle you,
Those evil forces of doubt and fear
In the many things you want to do.

But deep in your inner being you hear a voice.
I am your God, and I don't make mistakes.
I see your courage, your deep concern;
You have everything that it takes.

Know that on the path of your existence-
Perhaps this sounds a little strange-
You would not encounter the many joys of your present mission
If you decided to make a change.

I do not make decisions for you.
Difficult is the task you will take upon you,
But a time of grace and growth is upon your people;
I will reward you for all you do.

The world is headed for disaster;
A wind is sweeping a new fire of love.
Wath and see; I will make it happen,
And show you my signs from heaven above.

God does not make our decisions for us, true.  However, when he puts a burden on our hearts to follow Him, He has a way of making it unpleasant for us to not follow where He leads.

In the third last stanza, the Lord speaks about things that might be missed if we change our present direction for another.  It is a reasonable point to ponder before jumping in a new direction.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Are Ever Before Me


You are mine and must resemble Me.

If in the world you are loved and admired, beware lest you be caught up in prosperity and popularity, at the cost of compromising your values and fidelities.

When darkness and light are indivisible, love is compromised.

What you desire must become second to My Will and what is required of you as My disciple.

Have you made that sure decision and do you need only to be renewed?

Begin by denying yourself in small Ways, it gives Me a foundation upon which to build your ultimate sacrifice, but you must begin today.

Putting off till tomorrow will never accomplish what I have planned and engineered for your eventual crown of glory.

Flee all these distractions bombarding you My children.

Breathe My Spirit into your very souls and feel the peace I will inhabit there with you.

Now you can see yourself prostrate before Me in worship, in submission, in nothingness

Rest and receive from My bounty your sustenance and power to persevere with a love you receive penetrating your whole being.

In these moments say to Me your heart's desire, your love for Me, your concerns for family and friends, your needs.

I lift you to Myself and hold you tenderly as a Father His child only requiring your stillness.

Hear from Me instruction and consolation to continue with greater fervor your work, your life, of which I am so much a part of and desire to be.

Weep with Me in the coming Weeks for your brothers and sisters who will not come to Me but are caught up in the world.

Intercede for them, it is My plan to use you on their behalf.

Be willing to forgo your plans for a greater one and receive more joy than you had ever imagined.

Such is My love for you that you carry alongside of Me your cross.