Monday, March 22, 2010

A 30 Year Old Prophecy Comes Around Again

A Call to Repentance

In this prophecy, God calls us not only to repentance, but to allow ourselves to be pruned and moulded by Him to be what He has called us to be, salt for the earth, and light for His people.
My children, I am calling you to repentance.
Show me an eagerness, like at the start.
Pray and let Mary intercede,
Seek a deep devotion to her Immaculate Heart.
I will show you compassion, I will forgive you.
Open your blinded eyes and see,
The things that tear you up are your very own afflictions.
Be honest with Me, love Me more deeply,
I will refresh, rekindle, rekindle you, over and over.
I did insist, you need food, you need nourishment,
Come often to my Eucharist.
Work together and build together.
Make Me part of your lives, as I am part of yours.
Trust in me My dear beloved.
This is not the time to try to divert.

My children, weigh the alternatives and make your decision.
Give my people life, for which they search.
Bring your hearts in tune with what your lips are saying,
So that my Spirit can move upon my church.
Pray and intercede for my flock, my people.
I know who is mine and who is not.
I will reveal all hidden darkness,
Nothing can be hidden from me your God.
I have a plan for your very lives.
You are my chosen race, my holy nation.
There can't be growth without labour or birth pains.
I will bring and make you my new creation.
I will not stop pruning, I will not stop moulding.
I must go down to the very root.
Trust in my my dearest children
And start building upon the truth.

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