Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Almost 30 Year Old Prophecy

It Still Applies

As I read this prophecy, from long ago, it seems new for today.  In truth, when God speaks, it is always new, and always old, fresh yet timeless.

As we read about the world of abortions and euthanasia, those of us who are guided by our faith, can see that the world is becoming a very cold place, and dark as well.
My children . . .
I have called you to a new beginning
From a world that has grown dark and cold;
Gently I have poured My Spirit upon you
As the dawning of a new age slowly unfolds.

Be yourselves, My dear beloved ones,
Make Me the centre of your lives;
I do accept you for what you are,
You are My hands, My feet and even My eyes.

And I will lead you into a deeper Sonship,
Please respond to My invitation;
Step by step, I will reveal to you
The boundless treasures of My salvation.

And I will mold you by your experiences,
And make you what I want you to be;
I will transform, renew, and heal you,
All I am asking is that you are open to Me.

Risk, develop, pray and research,
Follow me in deed and action;
Difficult is the path you have chosen,
Yet full of joy and satisfaction.

Be true to your commitment and learn from Me,
Perhaps you feel inadequate;
But I will shower you with many gifts,
My power is yours but you must desire it.

Unite your will more firmly with Mine,
I know your hearts, I see every thought;
Trust in Me My dearest childrenl
My graces cannot be demanded, earned, not bought.

Open your lives trustingly to Me,
I will lift you high and I will lay you low;
But know that it is in the valley of humility,
That my Spirit and my gifts more freely flow.

My love, My loyalty is far greater
Than you anxieties and fears of the past;
I will gather my people, I will unite my flock,
My Spirit is alive and moving fast.

God wants us to be ourselves, which sounds so simple.  Yet, in truth, we are not really ourselves.  Our hearts and minds have been conformed to the world we live in to some extent, if not totally.  That conformance to the world prevents us from being truly human.  In point of fact, there has only been one who walked the earth, and was fully human, fully in tune with the design of the Creator, Jesus God's only begotten Son.

Let us embrace these words.

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