Friday, March 12, 2010

My View From The Cross


The hour is drawing late and you are still far from Me.

I come near to you and bless you with many different opportunities for you to repent and walk in newness of life with Me.

Even the sufferings you currently endure are signs of My great and faithful love.

Do you sometimes feel My closeness, the warmth of My breathe upon your cheek?

I long to transform your thoughts and actions, your loyalties and the things that matter most to you.

Be attentive to the souls I place within your care, even the passerby should feel that glow of warmth.

It is that you are radiating My love, perhaps not even consciously but with a heart very much united to Mine, very much wanting unity for My people.

Will you be a vessel, a representative of the future New Jerusalem, a foretaste of Heaven and the glory of God here on earth?

Your efforts to forget yourself for My sake I will reward in ways that cause happiness to well-up in you and lift your spirits to generous giving of time and energy.

This sense of being propelled leads itself to a freedom not felt but made unawares to you, only seen by others, who benefit from love shared.

Those who search for self-identity are not Mine.

I will show you who you are from the view of the cross.

Lifted high I see all from before creation, the ones called by My Father, called to serve as was I.

Follow Me in obedience as time as you know it grows near.

But you need not fear any of the coming disasters for I am your light and salvation, your helper in all your needs.

Why do you hesitate to trust with complete confidence?

You have a Mother, a Queen and Mistress to assist you in times of trouble. May all that you do be in imitation, for She will lead you all into the abode of My Most Sacred Heart.

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