Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prophecy for a New Year given on January 2, 2002

Gets You Thinking

This prophecy is over 8 years old, but is new today.  The last stanza is prophetic from then, but happening now.  There is a new spirit moving in God's people, but it is being slowed by the evil one, and those, including all of us because of our sinfulness, who get in the way from time to time, or even intend to so do.
My dearest child, you must not doubt Me.
You obviously know, and yet
You seem to struggle with a decision.
Don't be afraid with what lies ahead.

Pray for wisdom and understanding,
For many storms will come along.
I will sustain you with My love, My power.
I your God, will make you strong.

I will lift the darkness, break the barriers
That threaten and do stifle you,
Those evil forces of doubt and fear
In the many things you want to do.

But deep in your inner being you hear a voice.
I am your God, and I don't make mistakes.
I see your courage, your deep concern;
You have everything that it takes.

Know that on the path of your existence-
Perhaps this sounds a little strange-
You would not encounter the many joys of your present mission
If you decided to make a change.

I do not make decisions for you.
Difficult is the task you will take upon you,
But a time of grace and growth is upon your people;
I will reward you for all you do.

The world is headed for disaster;
A wind is sweeping a new fire of love.
Wath and see; I will make it happen,
And show you my signs from heaven above.

God does not make our decisions for us, true.  However, when he puts a burden on our hearts to follow Him, He has a way of making it unpleasant for us to not follow where He leads.

In the third last stanza, the Lord speaks about things that might be missed if we change our present direction for another.  It is a reasonable point to ponder before jumping in a new direction.

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