Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Are Ever Before Me


You are mine and must resemble Me.

If in the world you are loved and admired, beware lest you be caught up in prosperity and popularity, at the cost of compromising your values and fidelities.

When darkness and light are indivisible, love is compromised.

What you desire must become second to My Will and what is required of you as My disciple.

Have you made that sure decision and do you need only to be renewed?

Begin by denying yourself in small Ways, it gives Me a foundation upon which to build your ultimate sacrifice, but you must begin today.

Putting off till tomorrow will never accomplish what I have planned and engineered for your eventual crown of glory.

Flee all these distractions bombarding you My children.

Breathe My Spirit into your very souls and feel the peace I will inhabit there with you.

Now you can see yourself prostrate before Me in worship, in submission, in nothingness

Rest and receive from My bounty your sustenance and power to persevere with a love you receive penetrating your whole being.

In these moments say to Me your heart's desire, your love for Me, your concerns for family and friends, your needs.

I lift you to Myself and hold you tenderly as a Father His child only requiring your stillness.

Hear from Me instruction and consolation to continue with greater fervor your work, your life, of which I am so much a part of and desire to be.

Weep with Me in the coming Weeks for your brothers and sisters who will not come to Me but are caught up in the world.

Intercede for them, it is My plan to use you on their behalf.

Be willing to forgo your plans for a greater one and receive more joy than you had ever imagined.

Such is My love for you that you carry alongside of Me your cross.

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