Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prophecy at St. Michael's Ridgetown October 29, 2000

From Father Sam's Archives

Here is a 10 year old prophecy I came across on the back of another I had published already.  When God speaks a word, it is not about a minute or a day.  His word is eternal, and so this word is as fresh today as on October 29, 2000.

I have seen the prayerful holiness of the people of St. Michael's Parish in Ridgetown.  We have no idea today of how God is using all the rosaries that they pray, all the hours they spend in the presence of His Blessed Sacrament, the many daily masses that they attend.  They are a quiet army of believers who are doing what God has called them to do to bring about his kingdom here on earth.
My children, it was I who called you here together
Like so many times before.
Open your hearts and receive my word;
The world needs you more and more.

No one can stop what I've begun,
And I will be faithful to my words.
My sheep are searching for the truth;
I will bring glory and victory to my Church.

You must pass through many valleys.
Do not lose heart but be very still.
Walk with Jesus my beloved son,
And be obedient to my will.

I will bring growth, hope and conversion.
Persevere my dear ones; do as I ask.
Difficult and winding will be your path,
And even heavier your task.

Celebrate this year of the Great Jubilee,
And bring my joy to a world so dark and cold.
A new heaven and a new earth are upon you;
You will see my plan unfold.

Step out in boldness.
You are the pillars of my Church.
Do not quench my Holy Spirit,
Even though at times it hurts.

I am your God, and I am here with you.
Hear my call for you today.
Oh, how I long to draw you closer,
To receive my love and let me lead the way.

A still, small voice is speaking to you
In the silence of your heart.
I am calling you to holiness, to be reconciled.
You are my chosen ones, a nation set apart.

Go forth with eagerness and deep conviction.
To you I will bring my plan about.
Take heed, my dear ones,to this word, this message;
You have a mission to carry out.

I will set a new fire upon my Church;
Do not destroy, but help me to upbuild.
Shine with the light of Jesus, my Son,
So that others may be Spirit filled.

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