Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prophecy for Betty Bassett

Delivered December 29, 1977

Betty Bassett had lost two sons Rick on April 13, 1973, and Jim on October 12, 1977.  Parents are not supposed to outlive their children, so the deaths of two sons was particularly hard for this woman of faith.  This particular prophecy was delivered just 2 1/2 months after the death of her second son, and speaks of God's wisdom that far exceeds the earthly kind we have.
Feel my kindness and compassion,
I share this loss, this grief with you;
I saw the souls of your own in danger,
Rest peacefully in all I do.

Again and again I spoke in a small voice
But still we drifted further apart;
Only now it is possible for Me to reach them,
Let me console your broken heart.

Slowly you will see the progress,
My ways and purposes are to you unknown,
But this cross, My child, holds many blessings
In little signs already shown.

Don't fear or doubt your difficulties,
Have faith in Me, your glorious might,
Now you are walking in clouds of darkness,
But behind them awaits a ray of light.

Put your burdens at the foot of the Cross now
And look at Christ, at what He has done,
Compare your suffering with His Mother
Witnessing the death of her only Son.

I am Love, I am Infinite Wisdom,
Trust in your God and you will see
The tremendous power of this loss
Will re-unite your whole family.
God sees the BIG picture; us not so much.  If we try to take a big picture to this prophecy from 32 years ago, what would we see today, as the fruit of Betty Bassett's faith in Her Lord and Saviour?

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