Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Time For JOY


As the time for Lent approaches, gather around you every means of coming closer to Me.
If meditation is that vehicle of drawing near to the depth of self, Where you will find I am, progress from
where you have already come.
Quiet and still the many clamoring thoughts that are vying for this precious time I desire alone with you.

Some will prefer to be among the poor.
My gifts to you are varied and well suited to your temperament.
I will not ask you to do what you think you can do, because of the humility that, I want for you, not pride.
If in trust, you proceed in what you are being lead to do, you will sense My power flowing through your
work, your every effort.

Do not think of this time, these forty days, a time of sorrow and guilt.
You are to live the resurrected life of light not darkness; I make all things new.
If you would prepare for Me a gift of yourself, full of joy in receiving what I have given to free you.
Live in praise and thanksgiving, rejecting the desire to be affirmed in order to be happy.

Find in the rejection that you receive, from those that fail to love you, only a means to identify with the suffering I endured for you.
Ask Me to help you in finding a unique way, this Lent, to grow in love and holiness that never before would you have considered.

Let forgiveness be at the forefront of all that you do but first, forgive yourself.
Many are not aware of what is causing them difficulty in relationships and contentment.

Enjoy Me, maybe for the first time in your life, you smile to Me as you see Me smile with acceptance of you.
Yes I love you! Depend on grace to carry you from height to height with a greater surety in the uncertain future that lies ahead for My children, My Church.

Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, His gentle ways, His whispers and tender touches which for all will be a refuge, an entrance into My Heart.

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